Afro American Red Star

“A National Monument to the Progress of A Race” 10-16-1993

Atlanta Daily World

“Elder Michaux to Probe US Slavery” 08-29-1936

Baltimore Afro American
“Washington Turns to Religion and Mysticism in Tents” 09-24-1932
“Elder Michaux Places Satan’s Body in a Coffin” 04-07-1934
“9,000 Watch Michaux Drive Out the Devil” 06-09-1934
“Man You Have is Not Your Husband, Shouts Michaux” 09-15-1934
“Happy Am I Preacher is Ex-Virginia Fisherman” E.Rouzeau 10-06-1934
“Divine No God, Michaux” 10-13-1934
“Michaux is Still Driving Out the Devil in Harlem” 10-20-1934
“Elder Michaux an Evangelist Not A Preacher,says Ridout” by D.L. Ridout 11-10-1934
“Elder Brings War on Divine to Baltimore” 11-17-1934

“Michaux-Divine War Makes Broadway Columnist Chuckle” 12-08-1934

“Daddy Grace Sings ‘Happy Am I’ Dispite Copyright” 04-27-1935
“Elder Michaux’s Film has Private Showing in DC” 05-18-1935

“Michaux Rips Divine and Gets a Nip, Too” 05-01-1937
“Elder Michaux Spent $1100 in Collecting That Amount” 11-13-1937
“9000 to Hear Michaux Link Hitler with God’s Reform Program” 09-06-1941

“Michaux Terms Father Divine Devil Incarnate” M. Alston 08-24-1946
“Elder Michaux Hurt by Death of Deacon” 02-10-1951
“Michaux Denies RFC Fix Aid From Allen” 03-24-1951

“Bibles Dropped Near Russia” 07-11-1953
“Michaux Acquitted in Richmond Court” 07-23-1960
“Founders Day at Michaux’s Church” 03-11-1961
“The White Man is Trouble” by E. Peeks 09-23-1961
“5,000 to Hear Cult Leaders Debate” 09-23-1961
“Michaux Presents JFK with a Burlap Sack” 12-09-1961

“King-Hoover Issue And Elder Michaux” J.D. Williams 02-06-1965
“Picketting by Michaux Draws Blast” 04-10-1965

“Michaux and King” 04-17-1965
“Michaux Critical” 09-07-1968

“Michaux Happy News Noted for Flair, Style, and Drama” by R. Jenkins 10-26-1968
“Millions at Stake in Church Fight” 05-03-1969
“Minister Wins License; Succeeds Elder Michaux” 05-17-1969
“Secret Will to Lightfoot Michaux’s Millions Filed” by I. Ridley 04-04-1970
“Rabbi Abraham Hires Legal Aide in Michaux Will Case” 04-25-1970

Chicago Defender
“Michaux Victor in $50,000 Suit” 05-18-1935

“Elder Brands Divine the Devil” 05-15-1937
“Michaux to War on Father Divine” 08-19-1939

“20,000 Fete Elder Michaux For 20 Years of Religious Broadcasting” 10-06-1951

Cleveland Call and Post
“Elder Michaux Can’t Remember All About Housing Project Deal” by L. Lautier 10-23-1954

“Cassell Sues Michaux for for $962,075 in Housing Scandal” 11-13-1954

New (Norfolk) Journal and Guide
“Michaux Denies He Assaulted Lucas” 04-07-1934

“Elder Michaux Rose to Present Eminence After Peddling Fish” 04-28-1934
“Between the Lines” by G. Hancock 05-12-1934

“$3000 Restaurant Given to Michaux for Church of God” 07-21-1934
“Elder Michaux Blasts Divine” 05-08-1937
“Suit Seeks Check Up of Monies” 10-16-1937

“Cost $1,100 to Collect $1,100, says Michaux” 11-13-1937
“No Gain Made In Newport News, Evangelist Asserts” 11-20-1937
“Elder Michaux Wins Fight Over Property” 06-13-1942
“Elder Michaux Has Proposal In Collaboration with British Cleric” 09-23-1943

“With a Grain of Salt” by A. Davis 10-11-1947

“Elder Michaux’s Bull Stolen, Cattle Russtling Charged” 11-19-1949
“RFC Loaned Elder Michaux $3 Million” 03-17-1951

“Name Elder Michaux in Housing Scandal” 10-09-1954
“Thousands Pay Last Respects to Michaux” 11-02-1968

“Legal Battle Develops Over Michaux Estate” 05-17-1969
“Peninsula Group Wants to Revover Land Sold by Church to Federal Government” by L. Colvin 04-29-1998
“Church Leaders Silent About Land Issue” 06-03-1998

Newport News Daily Press
“Evangelist Flock To NN” 09-06-1992
“The Happy Am I Evangelist:”It Was Exciting Going to Church” by K. Baker 02-07-1995
“Williamsburg Heritage: The Happy Am I Preacher” M. Kirby 02-29-2008
“Preacher Redefined The Black Church” 02-27-2012

New York Amsterdam News
“Happy Am I: Millions Listen to Elder Michaux Radio Televangelist” by E. Rouzeau 09-29-1934
“Michaux raps Divine in War” 10-13-1934
“Say Michaux Asks New RFC Loan” 03-17-1951
“9000 to Hear Muhammad In Capitol” 09-16-1961
“The Church World; Michaux Revival” 07-02-1966
“Heirs Get Elder Michaux’s Millions not Church” by G. Barner 05-03-1969

“Lewis Michaux Executor” 09-06-1969
“Whites Lose Bid to Grab Elder Michaux’s Millions” by S. Anekwe 04-14-1973

New York Times
“Elder Solomon Michaux Dies; Cult Leader Aided Roosevelt” 10-21-1968

Philadelphia Tribune

“Life Span Shortened by Bathing, Elder Michaux Advises Local Audience” 09-27-1934
“Michaux Sponsors Housing Project” 12-06-1941
“Elder Michaux’s White VA Housing Project to Honor Rebel General” 08-03-1965
“Elder Michaux Crony of Three Presidents” 11-22-1968

South Florida Sun Sentienal
“Dairy Farm a Living Memorial to Slaves of 400 years Earlier” by M. Ruane May 2014

Washington Post
“Michaux Founds Race Memorial On Site of US Slave Origin” 08-21-1936
“Michaux Meetings to Open on Sunday” 08-22-1955
“18,000 To See Religious Potryal” 9-17-1956
“Michaux – Muslim Debate Today” 09-10-1961
“Pastor Wants Church to Reflect DC Air” by K.Dole 11-06-1961
“DC Proposes to Raze Elder Michaux’s Stores” 09-07-1962
“Prayer Rule Critized By Michaux” 09-29-1962
“Michaux Bids DC to Spare His Stores” 03-17-1963
“Michaux Denied Delay on Market” 03-30-1963
“Michaux to Give and Explaination” 01-03-1965
“Michaux to Note Anniversary” 02-27-1965
“Elder Michaux Plans VA Homes” by H. Gardner 07-26-1965
“Michaux Plans Baptismal Rights” 09-17-1966
“Mary Michaux. Religious Singer” 10-29-1967
“Michaux Sees Some Answers In 2 Negro Housing Projects” by M. Well 06-24-1968
“Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux Dies at 84” 10-21-1968
“Elder Michaux to Lie in State” 10-22-1968
“Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux, Negro Religious Leader, Dies at 84” by K. Dole 10-21-1968
“3000 To Attend Michaux’s Rites” 10-28-1968
“Memories Bind Tenants of Premier Blak Apartment Complex” by J. Mercer 09-19-1991