Characteristic Thinking: Competes to win, Goal-oriented drives, Change for progress, Material gains and perks, Pragmatic alternatives

Decision Making: Bottom-line results, Test options for best results, Consult experts, Successful win spoils, What looks the best, Consult experts, Successful win spoils, What looks the best

Educational Approach: Experiments and trails, High-tech, high status, How to control niches, Mentors and guides, Competitive advantage

Family Structures: Upwardly mobile, Demands attention, High expectations, Image conscious, Compares with others

Community Forms: Caters to prosperous, Pro “development”, Enclaves and walls, Security for the elites, Seeks autonomy

Life Space Norms: Wants to prosper now, Competition always “on”, Leverages influence, Seeks material things, Individualism prevails

From “Foundation Stones Bedrock Belief Systems that Shape Character, Community, and Country”


Julius Malema

Asa Philip Randolph

Dr. Claud Anderson

Bert Babero

George Ayittey

Lewis Michaux

Ledi Sayadaw

Isaac Fulwood

Robert Williams