Clare Graves (1914-1986) was an American psychologist that conducted research on Ego Development Theory. His work was later expanded by Don Beck and Chris Cowan to become Spiral Dynamics. Spiral Dynamics is a system of classifying the values of different people. The main categories or Value Meme’s are below.

Red (Ego-Centric)
This meme is only concerned with personal needs and wants. This self centeredness causes aggressive behavior to dominate those around him or aviodant behavior to protect themselves from aggressors.

Blue (Family-Centric)
This meme is only concerned with following a code of ethics. Individuals in this meme will supress their desires for the good of the group. However, the repressed desires will cause unhealthy emotional acting out.

Orange (Nation-Centic)
This meme is concerned with acquiring status through money, influence, or strength. Individuals in this meme are adept at problem solving. However, their need to prove themselves and justify their success will cause emotional acting out.

Green (World-Centric)
This meme is concerned with building relationships with people from different backgronds. Individuals at this meme can understand and empathize with people of different beliefs. Unfortunately, the empathy retards progress and prevents obtaining goals.

Yellow (Integral)
This meme understands the four lower memes and can move easily through all of them. Individuals in this meme can analyse a situation and determine the best course of acton.