Characteristic Thinking: Big picture views, Integrative Structures, Naturalness of chaos, Inevitability of change, Systemic linkages

Decision Making: Highly principled, Knowledge centered, Resolves paradoxes, Competence based, Focus on outcomes

Educational Approach: Becomes self-directed, Whole-day package, Attuned to interests, Non-rigid structures, Diverse idea sources

Family Structures: Shifting roles, Expects competence, Takes each as is, Information based, All contribute as one can

Community Forms: Wants more thru less, Appropriate technology, Authority is dispersed, Rebuilds what works, Sustainable changes

Life Space Norms: Living is learning, Intrigued by processes, Freedom just to be, Rarely fearful or driven, Appreciates variability

From Foundation Stones: Bedrock Belief Systems that Shape Character, Community, and Country

Leaders in the Yellow Meme

Shelby Steele

Dr. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Dr. William Cross

Thomas Parham PhD