Solomon Michaux had a unique interpretation of how G-d interacts through politics. He believed those in power must choose to take up G-d’s plan. That is why all leaders need proper spiritual counsel. The people will know that the leaders are on the right path in two ways. Divine will shows itself through signs, such as the number seven. They would also know from their pastors. So the church and the state are separate, but symbiotic in Michaux’s view.

The number seven has a special place in the bible as G-d’s perfect number. Events and people that are part of G-d’s plan will have a connection to the number seven. For example, Solomon Michaux was born on November 7, 1885. In addition to being born on the 7th, he was born with a caul, a membrane from childbirth that covers the face. These signs show G-d destined Michaux for greatness. That is why he proclaimed himself America’s prophet, a modern-day Samuel.

As in the days of the prophet Samuel, G-d chooses one to lead the masses. He can be called King or President, but once he is chosen, his ascension is unavoidable. Once in power, the person has to decide to accept G-d’s divine plan. In the Bible, King David accepted his plan. David’s predecessor, Saul, did not and refused to kill all the Amalekites and their livestock. G-d’s removed his favor from Saul, which led him to lose the throne and take his own life.

In modern times, Hoover balked on his duty. An example of how Hoover fell short was his handling of the veterans protesting the lack of benefits after WWI called the Bonus Army. They occupied Anacostia, a neighborhood in Washington, DC. Hoover answers their protest by running them out of town by force. He used the military to attack its veterans.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt lived up to his divine potential with the New Deal. G-d ordained the sweeping plan, and G-d allowed FDR to pack the Supreme Court to allow for New Deal legislation. Harry Truman continued the tradition after the death of FDR; that is why Truman served seven years. Michaux praised Truman through a letter written to the president in 1952. Michaux received a generic reply from the president’s aide.

Eisenhower’s life was replete with the number seven. He rose to prominence during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He assumed command of the armed forces in Africa on November 7, 1942 and Tunisia fell May 7, 1942 completing seven months in command. The victory in Europe happened on May 7, 1945 and the Victory in Japan happened August 14, 1945. Now, most of these dates found in Michaux’s 1948 letter are not correct. However, who cares about specific dates when creating a prophecy.

In the 1948 letter to Eisenhower, he recommended as his prophet that he accept the position as Truman’s Vice President in the 1948 election. It was no matter that Eisenhower was a Republican and Truman was a Democrat. G-d was looking for great men, and these two men were great. Truman indeed attempted to convince Eisenhower to switch parties, but Eisenhower was an ideological Republican. In the 1948 letter, Michaux claims that Eisenhower turned down an offer to be the first White House Chief of Staff. No evidence could be found that Truman made that offer. John Steelman was the Chief of Staff for the entirety of Truman’s presidency.

Solomon Michaux did attempt to exert influence over John F Kennedy. In 1961, The Gospel Spreading church tried to build unity between Catholics and Protestants. On Thanksgiving, demonstrations were staged at the Washington Monument and the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, by the church. Michaux sent JFK a burlap sack and hood to represent biblical sackcloth in hopes he would wear it on Thanksgiving. Kennedy did not wear the garments, and there was no unity fostered in the branches of Christianity.

Michaux saw everyone as part of G-d’s Divine plan. The church and state are separate but move together toward G-d’s will. America was a manifestation of Christian principles and her success around the world proved it.