Black Leadership Analysis

This article is about two theories of moral development outside of Spiral Dynamics. These two researchers were influential in the study of human development. Kohlberg’s work focused on person’s ability to internalize fundamental moral principles. Gilligan work concentrated on a person’s ability to create and sustain healthy relationships. Both of these researchers were influential to Integral Theory and the work of Ken Wilber.
Kohlberg’s background
Lawrence Kohlberg was born in 1927 in New York. His parents separated when he was four and had split custody in his youth. As a young adult, he smuggled Jewish refugees from Romania to Israel. He lived in Israel during the revolution but concentrated on non-violent forms of protest. After the revolution, he lived in a Kibbutz for a short time before studying at the University of Chicago.
After graduating with a Ph.D. in psychology, he developed his theory of…

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