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Black Leadership Analysis

Dr. Sebi

Notable accomplishments

-Treated celebrities such as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Michael Jackson, Brother Polight
-Married five women having as many as three wives at one time
-Fathered seventeen children
-Had homeopathic health clinics in Los Angeles, New York, and Honduras

Biographical Information

Dr. Sebi an African Herbalist, Dietitian, and holistic health specialist was born Alfredo Darrington Bowman in Honduras in 1933 and was raised by a single mother. Sebi says that this was a good thing. He did not have to worry about being pulled in different directions by different parents. Sebi credits his success to the focused leadership of his mother.

School was also a non-issue for Dr. Sebi. He stopped going to school when he was eleven years old. The only information in his head comes from Africans. Not clouding his mind with foreign ideas keeps Sebi in alignment with G-d. His clear thinking led…

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