Black Leadership Analysis

Recently, Trump surrogate, Darrell Scott was quoted as saying “Black people are too dumb to understand Trump’s Wisdom.” In the interview, he went on to detail a story about a black man he knew that believe an article that says Trump wants to deport black people back to Africa. The conclusion was that blacks are not analytical enough to determine if information is correct. Therefore, their opinion and impression of Trump are incorrect.

Michael Eric Dyson was debating Eddie Glaude on what voting strategies Black people should use in the 2016 election. Glaude proposed that blacks should vote for the third party candidate, Jill Stein, in states that were solidly blue or red. However, in swing states, black people should vote for Hillary Clinton. Glaude’s strategy will ensure Trump loses and that the Democratic party gets the message that the party should move to the left. Dyson responded: “I’m telling…

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