This treatise gives anecdotal information on Ambedkar’s life as a Dalit. He speaks on incidents in which his life was threatened or disrespected. He also relays some anecdotes from other Dalits he gathered while investigating Dalit issues for the government.

Ambedkar relayed the following stories in the book.

  1. He recounts how in his childhood he could not secure a wagon ride to another city because he was Dalit.
  2. He also recounts how he could not get lodging because he was a Dalit upon return from graduate school. He found lodging in a Parisi hotel under a false name until the locals found out he was a Dalit.
  3. Ambedkar retells an incident in which he was in a wagon wreck because of an inexperienced Dalit driver. All the upper caste drivers in the area would not transport a Dalit, so an inexperienced Dalit had to drive the wagon.
  4. He discussed an incident in which he was considered to be polluting the water tank of a Muslim
  5. A doctor refused to give another Dalit medical treatment. The refusal of treatment resulted in the woman’s death
  6. You can find the book at the link below.