Bill Harris, Creator of Holosync® on The Secret

 The video above is of Bill Harris talking about the power of Law of Attraction (LOA). Bill Harris tell the story of his bullied gay student. The man catches hell from almost everyone he knows. Harris suggests that positive thinking, such as Law of Attraction, can change his life. The man tries it and VIOLA…. All the bullies leave his life is roses, and he is off to become a great stand-up comedian.

   I will say that the Law of Attraction and positive thinking can have a profound effect on your life. I never experienced anything as bad as what I saw in the video. However, I did have many problems dealing with people, and I had more confrontations with other people than other people I knew. Positive thinking and consciously controlling my body language had profound effects on how people interacted with me. Modifying my behavior and thinking, otherwise known as evolving in the I-Space was a huge help, but was not the total solution.    

   One has to wonder how the unnamed man in the video came to the conclusion that being gay would lead to physical and mental abuse. We all know how he came to the conclusion, physical and psychological abuse is a very real for gay people. This abuse is an IT-Space problem. There is no way to make people not homophobic. However, you can limit their abuse by sternly enforcing laws and creating protections for gay people.

   The other question is what made this unnamed man want to spill his guts to a man teaching an internet course. It is possible that something Harris said or did trigger him in a cathartic manner. It is also possible the unnamed man did not have a good support group of other gay individuals that could give him advice. Lack of support is a WE-Space problem. The solution would be to find or start a support group of LGBT people that can provide a safe space to vent frustrations.

   The danger of this video is the suggestion that an individual is in total control of his world. I have heard many people make the argument that your world can change with positive thinking or trying your very best. The idea an individual is in total control is an assumption so naive that it barely necessitates a response. However, if one is needed, I will provide it. I-Space solutions will only take you so far. I-Space ultimately allows a person to take advantage of opportunities created by IT-Space solutions and support created by WE-Space solutions.

   Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is one of the best books on positive thinking. It explains how positive thinking helps a person get over mental blocks that prevent a person from having success.  Creative Visualization can remedy a mental block such as feeling unloved. Saying the affirmation “I love” over and over again in your head will erase those thoughts. That is the extent of I-Space solutions; the I-Space solutions help a person get out of their way.

   In summary, it is incorrect, insensitive, and dangerous to suggest that a person can totally change their reality by positive thinking. It is very unlikely that the unnamed man’s life changed that quickly or drastically. Anytime there’s a problem, I, WE, and IT Space solutions need to be evaluated and implemented. Each type of solution in isolation will be limited and only work on a small scale.