Characteristic Thinking: Raw power displays, Immediate pleasure, Unrestrained by guilt, Colorful and Creative, Egocentric and tough

Decision Making: Tough-one dictates, What gets respect, What feels good now, Powerful grab spoils to be dominant

Educational Approach: Rewards for learning, “Tough-loving” tactics, Work for respect, Focused energies, Challenges and dares

Family Structures: Gang-like battles, Builds us-them walls, Tests of worthiness, Struggles with system, Reward aggression

Community Forms: Predators in control, Danger to outsiders, Forms fiefdoms, Turf wars and vendettas, High activity level

Life Space Nomrs: Unconstrained by rules, Might makes right, Winners and dead losers, Attention-seeking flashy, High energy and risk

From “Foundations Stones” Bedrock Beliefs Systems that Shape Character, Community, and Country


Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo

Dr. Sebi