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Dr. Alim Muhammad’s Health Philosophy

Nutritional Health

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad first understood the importance of nutrition after reading Elijah Muhammad’s book How to Eat to Live while in medical school. In a 2018 interview, he said it is the best book on nutrition ever made. There a few books more technical, but Muhammad was writing for a barely literate people. While in college, he began the “How to Eat to Live” lifestyle of one meal a day. The book also has a very restrictive diet that forbids common foods like pork, lima beans, and sweet potatoes.

The name for Dr. Alim’s clinic and nutritional center is the Abundant Life Clinic. The name derives from the Bible verse John 10:10, “I have come so you can have life more abundantly.” In this clinic, the goal is not only to improve the patient’s health by relieving the person of disease. The goal is to build a healthy body to facilitate living out one’s purpose. For a short period the clinic operated out of Paradise Manor.

With the knowledge and technology that is available, a person could comfortably live to be 140 years old. Most people only live to 70 due to what Dr. Alim calls anti-survival factors. Anti-survival factors are poor diet, inadequate exercise, exposure to radiation. Pro-survival factors are the opposite and increase one’s lifespan.

The most common anti-survival factor is poor diet. America is the most obese country on earth, and blacks suffer from obesity more than any other sub-group. The prescription would be eating whole natural foods that one grows themselves.

To grow one’s food, one should build a hoop house. These hoop houses Dr. Alim prescribes are low-cost greenhouse one can make with little knowledge of carpentry. Growing food is necessary because the food produced through industrial farming has very little nutrition.

In 1929, Allah’s judgment fell on America. Master Fard Muhammad launched the “Mother Plane” on October 24, 1929. The launching caused the stock market crash. After that “The Great Dust Storm” blew America’s topsoil into the ocean. This Great Dust Storm and Stock Market Crash was Allah’s judgment on America for its treatment of blacks and natives. Since then, America has had to use chemicals to make up for the lack of topsoil. In recent years, genetically modified foods have been introduced so plants can survive exposure to harsh pesticides. The industrial farming has so reduced the quality of America’s that a carrot now has 1/4 the nutrition as carrots in the 1950s.

Raw cow milk is at the top of Dr. Alim’s food pyramid. Life begins with the mother’s milk, that provides all the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy life. The nutritional profile is so amazing; milk can be referred to as white blood. The only reason babies are weaned off of mother’s milk is they grow teeth. Luckily, G-d ensured that all mammals’ milk has a similar nutrition profile. G-d also imbued man with the ability and intelligence to cultivate cattle. Not only does milk’s nutritional profile excellent, but the water that makes up 89% of milk’s mass is the best one can find.

The perceived problem with milk is lactose intolerance. Sixty-five percent of the population experiences some level of lactose intolerance. According to Dr. Alim, the pasteurization kills the essential enzymes in milk needed for digestion. Also, pasteurization denatures the proteins in milk making the proteins harder to digest. When one consumes raw milk, with the proper proteins and enzymes, there are no digestive problems. Pasteurized milk is virtually useless. A calf fed on pasteurized milk will not live for six months.

Raw milk was the missing link in Dr. Alim’s Vegan lifestyle. Once raw milk was added, he became more nourished. He claims to have consumed up to 60 oz of raw milk a day with no need for any other food. As a former sufferer of lactose intolerance from pasteurized milk, Dr. Alim had to add raw milk to his daily regiment slowly. However, he now knows raw milk is one of two of the best foods known to man.

Sour raw milk treatment replaced the Alpha Interferon Treatment that Dr. Alim pioneered. According to Dr. Alim if raw milk is left to sit for three days at room temperature, it will sour. Raw milk cannot spoil only sour or ferment. Once the milk is sour, the alpha interferon, along with beta and gamma interferon has increased to the same levels as his earlier treatment. The ratio of interferons found in sour raw milk is optimal for treating a myriad of sicknesses. A daily regiment of sour milk can treat HIV.

Info-peptides small proteins can also be derived from raw milk. These info-peptides reorganize and re-balance cells. Dr. Alim has extracted these peptides into an elixir sold in a spray bottle. The elixir can be used to grow hair on balding men.

The other food necessary for optimal health is Dr. Alim’s patented “green cake.” The green cake is a proprietary blend of herbs, spices, with blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). The types of blue-green algae used are cholera and spirulina. This algae not only has an amazing nutritional profile, but it also can reverse the effects of radiation. Unfortunately, the algae taste so bad that it would be hard to consume an amount that would help the body fight the effects of radiation. The good doctor has made a blend that transformed the algae to a great tasting “brownie-like” substance.

Background radiation historically ranges from 0 – 20 Geiger counts per minute. According to a report from a reputable website, radiation counts in most cities are above 1,000 Geiger counters per minute, currently. There are many reasons for the increase. The first is the fact that the solar system moved from behind a cosmic cloud that exposes us to radiation from the center of the galaxy. The second is that radiation has drifted from the forever wars in the middle east. The US and its allies used depleted uranium bombs. These bomb raids have created lasting problems in the Arab countries that will take centuries to clean up. The last reason was leaking and failed nuclear power plants. The biggest culprit is the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan. The failure in 2011 is well documented and remembered by most people. Dr. Alim also accuses Limerick Power Plant, Peach Bottom, and Hunter’s Point Nuclear Power Plant of leaking radioactive water to the environment. He provides no hard evidence that American nuclear power plants are leaking at levels that are detrimental to the environment.

The green cake will not only reduce radiation in the body, but help improve the immune system and metabolism. Dr. Alim mentions herpes, influenza, HIV, and cytomegalovirus could be treated using green cake. Consumption of green cake enhances athletic performance and reduces recovery time from injury. Because it is mineral-dense and high in protein, it can correct a mineral deficiency. Ultimately, the green cake can treat any health problem.

On a world scale, the green cake could cure world hunger. The substance takes no energy to make and can be eaten raw. So there is no need to increase energy production. It also is imperishable so that it would be perfect for space voyages. Green cake is literally out of this world.

In 2004, he heard about Standard Process Products (SPP) and a holistic clinician named Dr. Freddie Ulan. They met at a Standard Process Symposium in 2005 and began trading ideas. Dr. Alim says that Dr. Ulan gave a seminar on “How to build a $1 million cash practice, and that was what he was looking for.” [V12] Dr. Alim decided to be trained in Nutritional Response Testing. He moved his clinic to Mitchellville, MD and became a subsidiary of Ulan Nutritional Systems.

He gave a demonstration to the Nation of Islam on Nutritional Response Testing in 2010. He had a patient lay on his back and put his arm straight in the air. Dr. Alim tested his ability to match the force he applied to his arm. That was the control part of the study. Dr. Alim then proceeds to touch the area above various organs while pulling on his arm. When an organ was deficient, the patient would become weak an unable to resist the force of Dr. Alim’s hand. Then he repeated the procedure with various Standard Process Products (SPP) laying on the patient’s chest. When the proper SPP product was on the patient’s chest, he could resist the force of Dr. Alim’s hand no matter what organ was touched. After several iterations, a cocktail of SPP products was prescribed.

Mental Health

There is a short video from 2012 in which Dr. Alim is addressing an audience that is half Nation of Islam members and half Scientologist. [V16] He is standing close to a large photo of L.Ron Hubbard. He says the goal of the talk is to explain the basics of NOI philosophy to Scientologist to increase dialogue and understanding. In 2009, Minister Farrakhan announced a “marriage” between the two groups. Dr. Alim admits he was skeptical at first. However, over the years of interaction, he felt Scientologist were the only whites without the racist attitude found in most white people. Scientology is the only way to move whites from there usually angry and reactive state.

He then begins his talk about the man the Nation of Islam believes was G-d on Earth, Master Fard Muhammad. From the photo, he presented Master Fard was a light-skinned man that did not look black. The story of his birth was his father was a 100% jet black aboriginal man that went to the Caucus mountains to civilize a white heathen woman. Dr. Alim proposed the term “civilized” is equal to the Scientologist term “Dianetic Processing.” The idea that whites have a “devil nature” could be equivalent to the Scientologist term “reactive mind.”

He ends the video by saying he looks forward to more meetings and he is under Dianetics processing himself. He told everyone he had just completed Training Routines and Objectives. The crowd applauded in congratulations.

In a second short video uploaded in 2012, he urges NOI members to undergo Dianetics training.[V15] He explains Dianetics teaches people how to “clear” mental blockages that prevent a person from evaluating their problems. Louis Farrakhan has demanded all the labors of the Nation go clear. So it is something one must do. Your reactive mind may tell you “no,” but you must push forward to be productive members of the Nation.


Dr. Alim called a moratorium on viruses in 1997. The reason was not that Dr. Alim doesn’t believe in the theory of vaccines. It is because he is concerned with viral contamination. He said in a 2009 interview that all the vaccines he has every studied were contaminated with other viruses. Also, many of the diseases that have vaccines would have mild consequences even if someone contracted it.

At the time of the interview, the NOI was concerned that the government would mandate the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine. According to Dr. Alim the worst form of the H1N1 virus only has a two percent mortality rate. Most of those that get sick will stay sick for only a few weeks.

The worst outbreak of swine flu, also known as H1N1 was the Spanish Flu that broke out during WW1. This disease was precipitated from a vaccine against whooping cough. Dr. Alim claims researchers at Fort Dietrich resurrected the eradicated virus to give it to the masses.

He is not sure if they were motivated by profit in creating the swine flu vaccine. It is also possible that the government wants to use the swine flu vaccine to introduce and even more deadly virus. The government has had numerous plots to depopulate using engineered vaccines, according to Dr. Alim. One recent incident involves Baxter Pharmaceutical sending vaccines contaminated with deadly bird flu to sixteen countries. He references the book Emerging Vaccines by Leonard Horowitz for more information on how AIDS was the result of contaminated vaccines.

The mandating of viruses could cause the great separation the NOI has been speaking of for years. Even at the time of the interview, children could not attend public school without all their vaccines. Dr. Alim says it could be a boon to have large numbers of NOI kids kept from school as it will force their parents to form an alternate means of education. Black people in general and Muslims, in particular, should not send their kids to “the enemy’s” school.

The best way to counter any viral infection is with raw milk and natural supplements. Three factors cause these infections, which are an introduction to the virus, a deficiency in Vitamin D, and a deficiency in calcium. The raw milk provides soluble calcium. Increasing vitamin D can be done through supplements or sunlight. Even if a person contracts a virus the immune system can fight the infection with proper nutrition.

Dr. Alim is not a hard anti-vaxxer. When he was on a mission trip to Haiti, he inoculated the children against tetanus. Many of the children were running through rubble from the 2010 Earthquake, so he wanted to prevent disease.

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad Sources

Dr. A. A. Muhammad’s Religious and Political Philosophy

Speech at Yale Law School

Dr. Alim was invited to speak at Yale Law school due to his activism in ending the drug trade at the Mayfair Mansions. The speech occurred late in 1990. Unsurprisingly the event was met with protest accusing Dr. Alim of being anti-semitic. The Yale Law Journal first published the transcript in the first quarter of 1991.

The speech that Dr. Alim gave was on how White Supremacy fueled the drug trade. The mechanisms linking elite power to generational poverty has been around for centuries. The only hope is for all of America to heed the call of the Nation of Islam and fund their plans for national renewal.

Yale was named after a man named Eli Yale. Mr. Yale worked for the East India Company and the Royal African Company. His fortune was built off of colonization, slavery, and plundering of natural resources from aboriginal people. So the University he was currently speaking in was a part of the system that destroyed his people.

Pirates and slave traders were another group that plundered aboriginals. A man named John Hawkins captained the first slave ship. Some also pronounced his surname Hopkins. He landed in Africa waving a flag of the crescent and star. The crescent and star flag was the universal sign of brotherhood. The African boarded the ship because they believed they could trust Hawkins. Once the ship was out of sight of land, the crescent and star flag was replaced by the skull and crossbones. That is when the slaves knew they were doomed.

The skull and crossbones is also the symbol of the Yale fraternity by the same name. Their most prominent member was the current US President George H.W. Bush. Bush and his colleagues have a thirty-year history of using clandestine military groups to destabilize developing nations. The destabilization has fueled the drug trade. One example of this type of white terror was the removal of Manuel Noriega in Panama.

The Bush family were instrumental in wars in Nicaragua that created a banana republic in that country in 1912. The family saw the country as their personal property. American rule ended in 1933. Ever since the 1930s, the Bushes wanted the area back. Bush used Elliot Abrams to issue an ultimatum to Noriega of Panama. Either Noriega aid the US invasion of Nicaragua and provide a base, medical support, and additional troops, or the CIA would assassinate him. Noriega held to his convictions and narrowly escaped an assassination attempt.

Similarly, Muammar al-Gaddafi escaped an assassination attempt. Just like Noriega, he was warned a few days before. When the missile entered his bedroom, Gaddafi was not there. The later invasion attempt was also thwarted. The mechanism that scrambled the electronic defense of the invasion fleet was a celestial object unlike anything ever seen before.

The Nation of Islam (NOI) believes there is a giant wheel-shaped city in the sky piloted by humans of superior intelligence. The origin of the craft and its crew is earthly, not extraterrestrial. The NOI calls this ship “The Wheel” or “The Mother Plane”. Most outside the NOI call the vessel an “UFO”. The Mother Plane house many smaller wheels that conduct various maneuvers.

The mother plane beamed up Louis Farrakhan in 1985 after a religious ceremony. While onboard The Mother Plane, Elijah Muhammad told him of the United States plots to overthrow Nicaragua and Libya. It was Farrakhan who warned both Gaddafi and Noriega of their appending assassinations.

In addition to sending Farrakhan to warning Gaddafi, The Mother Plane scramble the electronics on the US ships set to invade Libya. These ships had to return to Miami for servicing.

Because the Muslims know about this city in the sky and it houses their greatest leaders Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad, there is no need to have weapons. In fact, if a Muslim has a weapon or firearm, he will be excommunicated from the group. Muslims fight with their words that are given to them by Allah himself. That is why all of America must heed to the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad to avoid impending doom. Muslims do not want to overthrow the government.

Dr. Alim reiterates that his message is to teach the Black man of American and the American Indian. These are the original or aboriginal people of the earth. Whites were created by the mad scientist named Yacub to be the grafted devil and the skunk of the earth. The white man was designed to wreak havoc on the world. Dr. Alim does concede there are whites that are caught up in the oppression. The factory workers of England were and are currently in the form of neo-serfdom. However, for the most part, whites are oppressing the aboriginal people of the earth.

During the question and answer period of the speech, an audience member asked why he linked Christianity to John Hawkins and Eli Yale. These men were not practicing the teachings of Jesus. Dr. Alim answers by saying that one must understand the ideologies undergirding the oppression that we see today. He discussed earlier in his lecture about John Calvin, who created the idea of predeterminism in Christianity. Part of that theology was the G-d preordained whites to rule over the rest of the world.

One must extricate the conventional idea of Christianity, centered around a white Jesus from their mind. Jesus could not have been blonde and blue-eyed because the Aryan people are not native to the region. Also, Jesus hid in Egypt, which is in Africa. How would a white family be able to hide in a black country? Europeans created the image of Jesus we see now because they wanted a religious icon that resembled them.

Another audience member asked how can the Nation of Islam expect to be supported by the government when they support enemies of the USA, such as Noriega and Gaddafi. Dr. Alim did say earlier in the speech the president should request an audience with Louis Farrakhan to create solutions to the various social ills of America. He answers the question saying that he never expects to credit from the evil American government. In fact, it makes no difference to him whether America survives or not. As a person of the oppressed class, he would simply brush off the dust from his jacket and move forward. In Dr. Alim’s estimation, George H.W. Bush was not serious about ending the drug war he helped create.

He went on to say that the accusations of Gaddafi being a terrorist were proven to be false. Also, even if they were true, they don’t compare to the United States dropping 419 bombs on a mostly black Panamanian slum. Not only was Gaddafi not a terrorist, but he also helped the NOI when they were in need. Gaddafi gave them a three million dollar loan to build their center in Chicago.

Then a Jewish man in the audience self-identified himself as a Zionist. He asserted he was not afraid of the NOI. He asked how the NOI could justify referring to Jews as “those that rejected Jesus” as anything other than antisemitic. They also assert that Jews were principle in the slave trade.

Dr. Alim replies that he considers himself a Semite, so he cannot be anti-Semitic. He and others in the Nation of Islam only repeat what they read in the Bible. The Bible says many negative things about the Jews. The words of the Bible are not the fault of the Nation of Islam.

He nor anyone else in the Nation of Islam have never committed an act of violence against Jewish people. In addition to not being violent, they do not encourage harassment or vandalizing Jewish property. So if the Jewish audience members are not afraid, then they have every justification for feeling secure.

Another audience member asks if Dr. Alim would confirm or deny the allegations of Louis Farrakhan that AIDS was spread to black babies in Africa through Jewish doctors.

Dr. Alim replied by saying that Farrakhan never said all Jewish doctors were conspiring to give black babies AIDS. In fact, a man named Steve Cokley made the statement on a show called “Crossfire.” Cokley’s statement was based on a journal article that said doctors that happened to be Jewish gave a group of young Africans a contaminated vaccine. The result was the babies contracting HIV/AIDS.

According to the research, Dr. Alim has read HIV/AIDS was created at Fort Dietrich, MD at the Army Biological Warfare Center. There is no evidence that the virus evolved from Green Monkey Virus, Slow Virus 40, or Visnoff Virus. When the AIDS cases first appeared, the Soviet government blamed the US Government. The US government blamed the Soviets. So ultimately, no one thinks the virus occurred naturally.

The reason whites are concerned with the disease now is the infection of white gay males. When the government first created the disease, it was spread through contaminated vaccines in Central Africa. The government underestimated how many whites would interact with blacks in a way that would allow for infection. The ability of the virus to mutate was also underestimated. Now it has spread all over the world.

The goal of spreading the disease in Africa was to kill all the inhabitants so whites could have the resources. The depopulation of Africa is just part of a global initiative. Gay sex or intravenous drug use is not common in Africa. Therefore artificial contamination is the only plausible explanation.

At the time of the speech, there were 1,135 white heterosexual AIDS cases and 3,503 black heterosexual AIDS cases. So the infection rate was significantly higher in the black community, given that blacks were only 10% of the population. The disparity in heterosexual infection again points to a depopulation plan because rates of drug use and homosexuality are the same in the black and white communities.

Ultimately blacks must unite to fight the biological weapons formed against us like AIDS and the chemical weapons developed against us like crack. Without unity, the aboriginal people will be wiped out.

The final question came from an audience member asking what the Nation of Islam doing to fight the white supremacist power structure at the heart of the drug trade. Even though their efforts at the Mayfair should be applauded, they only confronted street-level black drug dealers. Earlier in the speech, Dr. Alim explained how the US promoted the Cali Cartel and thwarted the Medellin Cartel. He insinuated the US government backed the Cali Cartel.

The doctor explains the reason the Mayfair Mansions became a large open-air drug market was that it was easily accessible from Interstate 95. Whites from the suburbs could buy drugs and quickly return. Many of the local police were supporting the drug trade and recruiting young dealers with few options.

Then Dr. Alim tells the biblical story of Joseph. Joesph was jailed in Egypt when the Pharoh had a dream none of his advisors could interpret. Pharoh had to reach to the bottom of society, those relegated and written-off for the answers. The government needs to look to those they despise in the Nation of Islam for the solution.

He again asserts, “The Nation of Islam is not going to attack America. Fight America.” In fact, if a Muslim has a firearm, he will be kicked out of the Nation of Islam. He hopes that America will not fall as Babylon did. You laugh at Farrakhan’s vision on The Mother Plane, but you will not laugh when it is over your cities.

Free Needle Exchange Program

Dr. Alim Muhammad was against the free needle exchange program because it was ineffective in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS while making drug use easier. The oldest needle exchange was in Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Alim sites a study on those that received needles in Vancouver to show recipients still shared needles. Needle exchange also does nothing to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS from sex. He showed that there was a correlation between sexual transmission and prostitution. The doctor then proposed social programs to reduce the need for prostitution. Ultimately, needle exchange is just a step toward drug legalization. He applauds Bill Clinton and his Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey in stopping needle exchange programs. It is important to remember the Congressional Black Caucus supported the free needle exchange program.

The Tuskegee Experiment and Forced Sterilization Programs

In 1997, President Clinton apologized for the Tuskegee Experiment. This experience held 399 black men infected with syphilis from 1932 to 1972. The point of the experiment was to prove that Black men experience the same stages of the disease as White people. The cure was known the entire time. However, these men were forced to languish with the disease. The experiment ended because a journalist uncovered the plot. A book was published on the incident in 1981 titled Bad Blood by James H. Jones.

Dr. Alim explains Clinton should not only apologize but work to rectify the situation. Louis Farrakhan has an eight-step procedure for healing.

  • Point out the wrong
  • Acknowledge it
  • Confess it – to G-d first
  • Repentence
  • Atonement
  • Forgiveness
  • Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation / Perfect Union

By not taking steps to rectify the situation blacks will always be suspicious of those in the medical field and the government. Dr. Alim never specifically says what should be done in reparations.

He also mentions the American Eugenics Movements initiative to sterilize black people without consent. At the publication of the referenced articles, 200,000 to 100,000 sterilizations were funded by the federal government. Twenty-four thousand black people were sterilized by the federal government directly, of which 80 were underaged children from 12 – 14 year old.

Healthcare as Human Right

In 1948, the United Nations declared that all people have a right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being. One of the services referenced explicitly in the document was health care.

Black America is severely hampered in its ability to access healthcare because of a lack of black-owned institutions for medical training. At the turn of the century, there were 13 black-owned medical schools in the country. Then there was a study called “The Fletcher Report.” After the study, the number was whittled down to two, Meharry in Nashville, and Howard in Washington, DC. Now there have been a few more added namely Charles Drew in Los Angeles and Morehouse Medical in Atlanta. Even with those developments, there are not enough institutions to produce black medical professionals. At the time of publication of the referenced article, the black doctor to black patient ratio was 1 to 1500 people. Most industrial countries were 1 for 300 people. Therefore black America has a third-world doctor to patient ratio.

As the US government hinders healthcare in the black community, it hinders healthcare in Iraq. Even after the Gulf War ended, 1.4 million Iraqis died because of inadequate healthcare. The US has placed sanctions on the country that hinder it from getting medicine and medical equipment. In addition, US bombing raids destroyed vital water infrastructure that is difficult to rebuild. The most devastating aspect is the use of depleted Uranium tipped bombs. The radiation from these bombs has increased congenital disabilities and damaged adults immune systems.

Congressional Campaign

While running for office, Dr. Alim participated in the Free For All TV Show with the other NOI congressional candidate George X Cure.

The show hosts first asked Dr. Alim how he reconciled being part of the NOI, which is a black separatist group with running for Congress. Dr. Alim replied that black separatism is only the final resort of the NOI. If black people can not find freedom and equity in America, then blacks should be allowed to separate. For now, himself and others in the NOI want to work within national systems.

Next, Dr. Alim was questioned on how he expected to win support from Jewish voters, given his support of Louis Farrakhan. Dr. Alim answers by saying the Farrakhan has never spoken against Jews, only Zionism. The NOI as a whole considers themselves followers of Moses and the other prophets. They support all those that are followers of Moses.

Another host pressed Dr. Alim about demanding that Marion Barry not “bow down to the Jews.” He replied that he was in a conversation with Marion Barry. Marion Barry said he could not go to a Farrakhan rally because “the Jews will crucify me.” So Dr. Alim was only repeating the language Marion Barry used and would have said the same thing if Barry was in fear of another groups reprisal.

Then the conversation turned to Marion Barry. Dr. Alim was asked how he and other NOI members could support Barry after his drug scandal. The behavior was not conducive to the teachings of any religion. Dr. Alim explained that their support was of a man walking the path of redemption. Their faith believes in forgiveness, and that was the root of the support. A host asks if the support of Marion Barry was just a political play to get political support for current and future campaigns. Dr. Alim assured the host the goal of the NOI’s support of Barry was moral and not political.

They ended by talking about Middle East Policy. Dr. Alim said that the current hostilities in Iraq were a mistake. The USA should re-evaluate giving all its foreign aid money to Israel and Egypt. A more balance foreign aid policy would reduce hostilities in the region.

Episode of Crossfire

The episode of “Crossfire” happened before minister Louis Farrakhan was to appear at a rally at Yankee Stadium. The panel believed that Farrakhan would endorse Mayor Dinkins in is election against Rudy Giuliani.

Dr. Alim, who was the National Spokesman for the Nation of Islam, was asked about Farrakhan, often referring to whites as the devil and Judaism as a gutter religion. He responded by saying one that understands black history cannot view those that oppressed black people as anything other than evil. The whites of today are evil in the extent they support and condone past and present oppression.

Louis Farrakhan had recently supported a statement by Steve Cokley on a Jewish conspiracy to spread AIDS in South Africa. Steve Cokley is not a member of the Nation of Islam but is a black nationalist. Dr. Alim was asked if he also believed that Jews infected black children.

Dr. Alim said he could not confirm or deny the statements by Cokley because he had not reviewed his research. He views Cokley as a reputable researcher and has no reason to doubt him. However, even if his research is wrong, then Cokley should be confronted, not Louis Farrakhan or the Nation of Islam.

Finally, Dr. Alim is asked why has out of wedlock births and unemployment in the black community gone up since the 1960s. Could it be possible that slavery is still affecting a population five generations later? Dr. Alim responds with no group of people has gone through the type of oppression black people endured. After slavery, there was the KKK and Jim Crow law. So there was never a break in government interference in black life. In addition to decades of oppression, the misguided liberal policies of welfare further degraded the black household.

2010 Haitian Earthquake

Dr. Alim believes that an earthquake machine caused the earthquake in Haiti. The earthquake machine is part of the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) weather research facility. HAARP was able to focus 1 billion watts of power at the tectonic plates under Haiti. The excess heat caused the plate to expand, resulting in an earthquake.

Oil was recently discovered off the coast of Haiti. Therefore, America wants to control the area. As evidence of America causing the earthquake, Dr. Alim says the “humanitarian force” was assembled for deployment the day before the earthquake.

The Nation of Islam had a joint effort with the Church of Scientology to provide humanitarian aid. Dr. Alim was able to fly to Haiti on John Travolta’s private jet. While in Haiti Dr. Alim provided various medical services to those displaced by the earthquake. He also observed how the US “humanitarian force” was serving the people. According to Dr. Alim, the US soldiers only guarded the Citibank.

On April 6, 2010, address to the Nation of Islam, he urged the congregation to fund more charity to the nation. Members should also consider adopting orphans from the earthquake. However, the way the NOI could be the most beneficial by urging the American government to act in an equitable way toward Haiti. He also encouraged congregants to demand an investigation in HAARP and their possible involvement.

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad Sources

Analysis of Kemron Trials

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad made two bold claims about the industry of HIV treatment. The first is the disease, and the lack of a cure in the 1990s was the result of a conspiracy to kill black people. According to Dr. Alim, the US government created HIV as a depopulation effort. The second claim was he was discriminated against in contracting because he was straight Black Muslim. Both of those claims will be evaluated in more detail.

Was HIV/AIDS a government experiment to kill Black people?

It is not possible to know how AIDS came to be. If it was developed as an instrument of biological warfare, the government would never admit to it. However, one can evaluate the current availability of treatment to determine if there is an effort to cure whites while keeping blacks sick. According to the CDC in 1990 of every 100,000 people that died 10.2 died of HIV. In 2016 of every 100,000 people that died 1.8 died of HIV. So the disease is far less deadly now than at any other time.

The CDC has also created many initiatives to help the Black Community fight HIV/AIDS. One of these initiatives is “Act Against AIDS.” One of the branches focuses on removing the stigma of HIV through internet videos. These videos showcase people of color affected by the disease. They also present HIV information that the average person would not know. Another branch encourages testing and has enlisted singer Trey Songz as a spokesman. Ultimately the CDC is implementing a holistic plan to reduce infection rates in the African-American community.

Part of the reason for such a stiff decline in HIV/ AIDS deaths is the availability of free or low-cost treatment. One of the largest providers of free and low-cost AIDS treatment in the country is the Whitman Walker Clinic. Even during the 1990s two-thirds of their patients were minorities and four-fifths of the people in their assisted housing were black. In 1994, two of the four former presidents of the organization were black.[40] They also had black board members and health care providers. The clinic has expanded to include mental health care and dental care. Whitman Walker is a stellar example of racially aware medical treatment.

There are indeed more Blacks living with HIV by percentage than any other racial group. However, there are also many programs to address the issue in our community spearheaded by government. Concocting wild conspiracy theories or stigmatizing the Black LGBT community as brainwashed is not helping anything. What will help, is reducing stigma and increasing awareness about treatment. There is no grand scheme to kill off blacks with HIV. There is no real evidence that such a plan ever existed.

Was Dr. Alim discriminated against because he was a straight Black Muslim?

Even though Dr. Alim did not receive the multi-million dollar contract to become the District’s primary healthcare provider, he won several smaller contracts. According to the Chicago Tribune he won $213,000 in 1993 and $333,000 in 1994 through the Ryan White Fund.

Dr. Alim was indeed treated unfairly when applying for the 1993 contract for an HIV/AIDS media campaign. He submitted his complaint and the director of the DC HIV/AIDS Agency was forced to resign. His compliant was taken seriously and he was given the contract after the conclusion of the investigation.

Previous medications for AIDS such as AZT and DDC were indeed used for several months before clinical trials began. But when they were implemented in the late 1980s the medical community was desperate for a treatment. By the mid-1990s, there were four medications to treat HIV/AIDS. So there was not the same urgency to move drugs along. The reduction in urgency led to Dr. Alim’s cure having a slower progression through FDA approval.

It is also important to remember the Nation of Islam has made inflammatory statements about Jews, LGBT people, and Whites. The NOI believes that homosexuality is not native to Africa and solely the result of colonization. Even a cursory reading of the Final Call one will find references to “Satanic Jews.” Whites are called “devils” in the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad. Therefore, whites, Jews, and LGBT people have every right to question and work to stop the NOI from gaining influence. Black people would act no differently toward a group that made similar statements about them. Even though the NOI has never acted violently toward any of the groups in question, inflammatory rhetoric can spark a backlash that could impede business deals.

To be clear, the NOI believes homosexuality to not be natural to black people. Colonial brainwashing or the effects of various drugs induce the condition. They believe there is a grand conspiracy to effeminate black men and make black women more masculine. The goal is to reduce the population of black people. Farrakhan liberally uses LGBT slurs in his speeches and links homosexuality to pedophilia. He claims the Jewish Talmud sanctions both abominations. Once one realizes Farrakhan’s position, it makes sense that Jews, and LGBT people fought against him.

It is also unrealistic to think a company headed by a man that publicly accused the government of creating HIV/AIDS to kill black people would have no problems winning government contracts. In reality, if the government wanted to railroad him, that could charge him with slander. The government could have also labeled the NOI a hate group. The fact he won contracts and a medical trial from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows he was not signaled out or there were not a large group of government officials working against him.

Although there was not a grand conspiracy to railroad Dr. Alim arbitrarily because he was a straight Black Muslim, there were people that did not want him to succeed. Their motivation was more than likely due to his public inflammatory statements and genuine concern about how he would treat patients. If a White doctor were part of an organization that made similar statements, blacks would be up in arms and advocating for him not to be awarded contracts.

So if the clinic had any discrepancy in a tax filing, then, of course, people were going to be looking for it. Once found, they would use the harshest penalties to slow down the work of the clinic. It is also possible the NIH purposefully gave the trial oversight to a company in financial trouble. They could have felt political pressure not to deny a black company a trial, so they sandbagged them with a company that was not financially solvent. It is just as possible that they didn’t believe the drug to be effective due to the previous trial by the World Health Organization. No reason to give the best resources or oversight company for a drug that is more than likely, not effective.

It is also odd that if the drug was effective, they had such trouble finding participants for the study. There were over a dozen medical facilities involved with the study all over the nation. Even if the IRS hampered operations at the Abundant Life Clinic, there were two other facilities in the DC area that could participate in the trial, Howard and Georgetown University. With HIV/AIDS being one of the most prevalent diseases in the country, getting 560 patients should have been no problem even with a few clinics out of commission.

It is far more logical the treatment didn’t work, and those that received the treatment did not recommend it to friends that were also suffering. Even in all the articles on the subject reviewed for this blog, only two people claimed to be cured, Lashaun Evans and Demetrius Muhammad. All the other reports of success came from doctors using alpha-interferon therapy. The only evidence from a participant in the clinical trials came from Rocky Thomas that had an eight-year-old daughter with AIDS. In a 2000 article, she said the Kemron only worked for a short amount of time. Then she took her daughter off the medicine because it was ineffective.[75]

Dr. Alim has not used Alpha Interferon therapy since 2009.[79] He uses sour raw milk to treat viral infections. He said in a 2018 interview that if a person takes raw milk and leaves it out for four days at room temperature, it will properly sour. Once a person consumes the sour milk, the body will absorb the proper mix of all the various interferons. There are more than sixteen types of interferon. So Dr. Alim no longer uses Kemron.

Why is this important?

The NOI has performed many vital services for the Black community. They have reformed many people returning from prison, cleaned up drug-infested neighborhoods, and given insightful commentary on the plight of black America. However, they do Black people a disservice by promoting wild over-arching conspiracy theories that all whites or the entire government are conspiring to kill blacks. There have indeed been instances such as “The Tuskegee Experiment” when the medical community has failed Blacks. However, there is no grand conspiracy involving the entire government to kill Black people. A sober evaluation of Dr. Alim and the Kemron trials shows that. Besides, HIV/AIDS is now a completely manageable disease with many avenues to receive free or low-cost care, not the cause of Black genocide.

Currently, the NOI is pushing an anti-vaccination campaign. They are using many of the same wild conspiracy theories used in the 1990s on the origin of AIDS. Now the NOI says that vaccines cause autism. The claim that vaccine caused autism has been debunked since 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Hopefully, parents will do all the proper research before deciding on vaccination.

Not getting vaccinated could be doubly damaging for a community with limited access for healthcare due to poverty. Unfortunately, a group as prominent as the Nation of Islam would not give their followers and supporters all the necessary information. It is even more unfortunate when outlets like “Sway in the Morning” or “The Breakfast Club” help promote misinformation. I am sure the readers of this article will make the right decision in regards to vaccination.


Kemron Trial Sources

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad


  • Graduated Case Western Reserve Medical School in 1975
  • Paratroper in military
  • Minister of Mosque #4  in Washington, DC 1981
  • National Spokesman for Louis Farrakhan 1988
  • Nation of Islam’s First Minister of Health 1992
  • Mayor of Washington, DC declared a day in his honor
  • Has a wife, Alima, and nine children including Kush Amir, Ajane, and Kadira

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad was born Maurice Peters Jr near York, Pennsylvania in 1948. From the beginning, Dr. Muhammad and his family were socially conscious. He went to an NAACP convention in Harrisburg, PA at age 6. Muhammad’s father Maurice Peterson Sr organized a protest against police brutality. The family was also involved in the Civil Rights Movement and marched with King. However, racism hit Muhammad in a personal way while going to an all-white high school at age 15.

Maurice Peters Sr was a post office worker. He saved enough money to move his family to the all-white suburb of Shiloh, PA. The whites of the area organized to keep the family out. Their plot was to harass his children to intimidate Mr. Peters into returning to York. One of the black maids in York got wind of the plot and warned them. When the Peterson family arrived, white residents blocked their moving van and demanded they leave. Undeterred Mr. Peterson entered the neighborhood in which he lived until the day he died.

Once Muhammad began coursework at the local high school, his grades fell from straight A’s to C’s and D’s. His parents thought he was not applying himself. When confronted, Muhammad said maybe he is not as smart as everyone thought. Upon hearing that his parents had to get to the bottom of the situation. His parents began reviewing his work and found he got most of the questions marked wrong were correct. After taking the corrected test to the principal, the school changed his grades. After this incident, Muhammad always questioned authority, not his ability.

Due to his intellectual ability and support from his parents, he made grades high enough to win a scholarship at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. His original major was poetry. When in college, he was introduced to the philosophy of Elijah Muhammad and wanted to change his major to something that would aid his people in the fight against oppression. He became a Biology / Pre-med major.

After receiving a degree in biology, Case Western Reserve Medical School accepted him in 1975. Muhammad told the Washington Post none of the fourteen blacks that enrolled in the program that year wanted a “Beverly Hills” style practice. All wanted to serve the urban community. While in college, one of his fellow black students faced expulsion because of grades. Muhammad and others were able to organize to keep the student in college.

Muhammad first heard Farrakhan speak in 1974, while in college. After meeting and interacting for a short time, Farrakhan appointed Muhammad assistant minister of Mosque #18 in Cleveland. Once Muhammad graduated, he went to Harlem University Hospital to work as a surgeon. While working in Harlem Muhammad officially changed his name from Maurice X to Muki Fuad Muhammad El-Amin. Farrakhan changed his name to Abdul Alim Muhammad before granting the position of Minister of Mosque #4 in Washington, DC in 1981.

Howard University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center both employed Muhammad for a short period, but Muhammad realized his passion was alternative medicine. He founded Abundant Life Clinic in 1986. The medical approach of the clinic was community-centered, alternative medicine. Muhammad infused Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga into treatment plans. Abundant Life’s drug rehab became nationally known, and Farrakhan’s son Joshua received treatment there. The clinic was the first step in a national black health agenda. From his work at Abundant Life, he became the NOI’s first Minister of Health in 1992.

The Dopebuster’s drug program began in 1988 at Mayfair Mansions. The program was initiated at the request of residents to calm the drug activity that got the complex nicknamed “Little Beirut.” Because the Dopebuster mostly came from Mosque #4, Dr. Muhammad was the unofficial spokesman. The need for a spokesman came on the first day when guards beat a man that approached them welding a shotgun. Not only did the guards assault the man wielding the shotgun, but they also attacked a news-crew filming the beating.

During the press conference created to answer questions on the incident, Dr. Muhammad charged the police department for orchestrating drug sales. The charge was doubling down on comments he made during a radio interview earlier in the week. Muhammad presented no evidence during the interview or press conference. Dr. Muhammad never named any specific policemen. A police spokesman denied the charge. There were never any formal charges brought against the police by the NOI or Dr. Muhammad.

Steny Hoyer first became a Congressional Representative in 1981. His district, Maryland’s fifth, housed in Prince Georges County had a 50% Black population. Because the area had a large black population, Muhammad thought he could have a chance to unseat the incumbent. The campaign was launched in the summer of 1990.

Part of Muhammad’s platform was government funding for the NOI’s Dopebuster’s initiative that had recently spread nationwide. Muhammad was able to gather a respectable following amongst working-class blacks, due to incendiary rhetoric. According to the Washington Post, Muhammad said that white politicians were “slave masters of a white-run political machine” and Prince Georges County was “plantation politics at its worst.” He also said blacks are no more free in America than Apartheid South Africa. Muhammad accused the media of obsessing on his affiliation with the Nation of Islam, but opened his speeches with the Muslim greeting “Al-salam aleikum.” Critics brought up the fact he did not live in the fifth district and only registered to vote a few months before running.

Unfortunately, the Alim Muhammad campaign only raised $35,000. Aid from Farrakhan never materialized. The Nation of Islam leader canceled his appearance at three campaign events. Hoyer was able to raise $230,000, and $115,000 of it was spent on television ads, Muhammad had no chance. Hoyer had a solid lock on PG’s white vote and a respectable track record on black issues. Muhammad only got 20% of the vote on the September 11 primary.

In the summer of 1992, Washington DC city councilman Henry Thomas purposed making a day to honor Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad. The one Jewish member of the council, Jim Nathanson, opposed the resolution. The resolution was moved to committee which ensured the bill would die. The mayor, Sharon Pratt Kelly, took up the cause. The Washington Post accused her of pandering to poor and working-class blacks by approving the resolution. No matter what the motivation July 11, 1992, was declared Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad day by the mayor.

Prostate Cancer awareness is another point of advocacy for Dr. Muhammad because he also suffered from the disease. His prostate cancer diagnosis at age 36 was surprising because Muhammad was a vegetarian with no history of cancer in his family. He became a member and spokesman for the Empowerment Network, a group dedicated to spreading awareness about prostate cancer in the black community. His knowledge and personal experience became necessary when Louis Farrakhan afflicted with the disease in 1999. Muhammad served by informing the public on Farrakhan’s condition and helping chose the best hospital for the surgery, Howard University Hospital.

In 2010, Dr. Muhammad became part of a joint effort to provide earthquake relief to Haiti. The Church of Scientology and The Nation of Islam came together to improve the life of those hardest hit by the earthquake. The specific role of Dr. Muhammad was to provide wound care. He also documented the earthquake relief program in a personal blog.

Dr. Alim is currently practicing nutritional medicine in Bowie, MD. He makes few public appearances.


Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad Series

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad

Dopebusters Drug Patrols

Dopebusters Outside Washington DC

Analysis of Dopebusters Programs

Abundant Life and the Kemron Trials

Analysis of Kemron Trials

Dr. A. A. Muhammad’s Religious and Political Philosophy

Dr. A. A. Muhammad’s Health Philosophy

Dr. A. A. Muhammad Analysis

Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi

Notable accomplishments

-Treated celebrities such as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Michael Jackson, Brother Polight
-Married five women having as many as three wives at one time
-Fathered seventeen children
-Had homeopathic health clinics in Los Angeles, New York, and Honduras

Biographical Information

Dr. Sebi an African Herbalist, Dietitian, and holistic health specialist was born Alfredo Darrington Bowman in Honduras in 1933 and was raised by a single mother. Sebi says that this was a good thing. He did not have to worry about being pulled in different directions by different parents. Sebi credits his success to the focused leadership of his mother.

School was also a non-issue for Dr. Sebi. He stopped going to school when he was eleven years old. The only information in his head comes from Africans. Not clouding his mind with foreign ideas keeps Sebi in alignment with G-d. His clear thinking led to his success.

Sebi began as a merchant seaman stationed out of New Orleans. Sebi used his experience as a sailor to get a job as an engineer in his thirties while living in Los Angeles. At the time he was 291 lbs at 6’2”. He was impotent and suffered from mental health issues. His mental health concerns led to a stint in an insane asylum for paranoid schizophrenia. Sebi decided to seek a cure for his mental health problems from a homeopathic doctor in Mexico.

The Mexican doctor asked him where was the land of Sebi’s origin. Sebi replied that he was from Honduras. The doctor responded that cannot be true, black people do not come from Honduras. Sebi then corrected himself and said he was from Africa. The doctor explained as an African he had to cleanse his body and return to the original African diet. Sebi agreed to a 94 day fast. The doctor predicted that he would never go back to his original life. The Mexican doctor was correct, Sebi learned from the doctor and began practicing homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Sebi quit his job once his holistic medical practice began to thrive. When he left the boss admitted that he hired Sebi thinking, he would fail. The boss did not understand how an uneducated black man could be successful as an engineer. The boss asked, “Are all black people as smart as you.” Sebi replied “No, I am the dumbest. The others can do more than me. They do not because they are afraid of white people. I ‘m not afraid.”

Dr. Sebi came to America and started a practice in New York. He had been practicing seven years before the arrest that would make him famous. The New York Attorney General accused Sebi of practicing without a medical license and making false claims. The arrest happened on​ February 10, 1987.

According to Sebi, he had to prove that he had cured three patients with AIDS, Cancer, and Diabetes. He was required to bring nine people; seventy-seven came to defend the doctor that cured them. Dr. Sebi defended himself. He claims to have asked the judge three questions:

1. Is it a fact that the Bible teaches herbs are for the healing of the nations?
2. Is it a fact that the body is a carbon-based​ system and only carbon-based substances have the chemical affinity to absorb into the system?
3. Is it a fact the father of medicine, Hippocrates, cured every disease known to man with herbs?

Dr. Sebi claims to have won his case in front of the New York Supreme Court. He credits the success to not defending a theory. He defended what he knows. He represents Africa, and being rooted in his African identity gave him the strength to defend his claims against any accusers.

Dr. Sebi gained considerable notoriety from his Supreme Court win. He gathered many new clients over the many decades he practiced medicine. One of the clients was the singer/rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from TLC. Lisa began her treatment with Dr. Sebi in 2004 when she flew to Honduras. Lopez died during her second trip to Honduras. Many speculate that the elite assassinated Lopez to prevent her from promoting Dr. Sebi’s work.

Dr. Sebi died after an arrest by Honduran officials for carrying over $30,000 in cash. He passed away while in custody in a Honduran jail. Many speculate the elite conspired to kill him. The authorities claim Sebi died of Bronchitis.

Sebi’s Medical Philosophy

There is only one disease, mucus. The accumulation of mucus leads to bacterial growth that causes diseases. Having a diet that is not natural for your body causes food to digest improperly and the body makes the mucus as the result of food not digesting.

The Bible supports Dr. Sebi’s herbal healing philosophy. Revelations 22: states “Its leaves are for the healing of the nations.” The verse proves Sebi’s methodology is following G-d’s plan. The use of pharmaceuticals is in direct violation of biblical law. Pharmaceuticals will always cause more problems than they solve.

Sebi begins treatment by having the patient fast to cleanse their digestive system. After the digestive system is cleansed the person follows a strict diet of plants that are natural and native to the land of their origin. African people need African food.

There are five things Sebi tells Africans to avoid, lactose, uric acid, starches, meat, and carbonic acid. The foods he repeatedly tells blacks to avoid staple grains such as corn and rice. Acidic herbs are also prohibited. Acidic herbs include comfrey, rosehips​, goldenseal, and licorice root. Hybrid fruits and vegetables are the last food group black people are told to avoid. Examples of hybrid fruits and vegetables are cassava, spinach, bananas, and carrots.

Starches were particularly bad because they have cyanide. Cyanide can kill in large dosages and can induce insanity is small dosages. The ingestion of cyanide explains many of the psychiatric pathologies in the black community. Removing cyanide from your diet will reduce chaos from a person’s life.

The four compounds that Sebi recommends are phosphate, carbonates, iodine, and bromides. Foods recommended repeatedly are moringa, quinoa, mushrooms, and sea moss. Alkaline herbs such as burdock, yellow dock, and red clover have many health benefits.

Hydration is another major component of Sebi’s nutritional philosophy. Drinking water should be at or above room temperature. Cold water removes energy from the body. Water should always be tested to verify it has an alkaline pH. Natural spring water is the best. There is a hot spring in Honduras that has water at a pH of 8! Do not drink distilled water; it has a pH of 7 making it neutral.

There is no difference between raw and cooked foods. Many herbalists and homeopathic medical practitioners promote a raw food diet. Sebi points out if you eat an acidic food raw or cooked it will still poison the body. An alkaline food will nourish the body regardless of preparation. Concentrate on what the food, not preparation.

Dr. Sebi does not support many other herbalists because other herbalists recommend acidic herbs. Herbalists mentioned by name are Jethro Kloss and Alma Hutchens. Black people should also not follow non- African homeopathic medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. There are foods Asian people can eat that are not compatible with African physiology. One example of this is dairy. Dairy can be processed by Europeans and Indians because cows are native to India and Europe.

Women are the healers according to Dr. Sebi. There is a nurturing aspect to women that is essential to healing that only women possess. Men have a role in healing as it pertains to the growing of herbs and building of clinics. However, the actual healing must be done by a woman. Dr. Sebi only had female apprentices and refused to train men to heal.

What a person consumes will also have an effect on mental health. Starchy foods break down to become cyanide in the body and reduce cognitive function. Sugar breaks down to glucose and inhibits the function of the hypothalamus. Chemical hair care products, such as relaxers, will also reduce cognitive function. The cranium and brain will absorb chemicals from relaxers. Sebi repeatedly cites a case of a couple that came to him because their marriage was falling apart and they were always sick. He quarantined them and gave them alkaline foods, and it resulted in them realizing that they loved each other.


Dr. Sebi talks about how important his mother was in his life. He tells of the reverence he has for the women in his life. He comes from a long line of single women that lived well past their nineties and never married.

Sebi claims to have had a good relationship with his mother. However, his brother felt that his mother was emotionally withdrawn. Sebi said his mother showed both of her children the right amount of love. Sebi did not want his mother close and interfering with his early dating life. His brother owned a very successful business and pastored a large church. Therefore his mother must have done a good job. Sebi concludes that a mother knows what to do and should not be criticized.

Sebi says self-love is the key to happiness. When one learns to love themselves, everything else falls into place. A person can not depend on the love of a romantic partner. He found his first wife in bed with another man and was not angry. Sebi just got up and left the relationship.

One of the most trying times in his life was the marriage to his third wife. At the time he had two wives and got a third woman pregnant out of wedlock. The mother of the third woman encouraged her daughter to leave Sebi and get an abortion. The woman did not get the abortion and had a baby girl a few months later. The little girl grew up to follow in her father’s footsteps and cure her grandmother’s cancer.

When Sebi was married to three women, he got a fourth pregnant out of wedlock. At this time he was treating Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Lopez was able to give Sebi advice on how to handle this situation. Lopez and Sebi became close personal friends during this very trying time in Sebi’s life. When Sebi spoke of Lopez’s untimely death, he always said how she had a loving soul.

Relationships with other Races

Sebi’s is known for saying: “You have to feed a gorilla the food of a gorilla. If the gorilla eats polar bear food, the gorilla will die. If you try to teach the gorilla in a method suitable for polar bears, the gorilla will not learn.” The quote sums up Sebi’s view on relations between races.

What black people call racism is simply other races practicing self-preservation. It is only natural for people to hoard resources for themselves and people that look like them. Other races do not hate black people. They simply understand what is best for themselves and go through life working in their best interest.

Black people do not practice self-preservation because we have become disconnected with our ancestry. Once black people reconnect with themselves, we can begin to understand what we need and go after it. One of the biggest things that separate us from ourselves is organized religion. Organized religion causes us to worship and external G-d. G-d is within yourself. Black people must connect with their divinity.

Once black people reconnect with their ancestral roots, many of today’s problems will dissolve. In pre-colonial Africa, there were no hospitals because no one was sick. There were no grocery stores because the food was abundant in the forest. The Africans were naked because they could walk naked safely with no one taking advantage of them. Africans are naturally moral and intelligent. Blacks need to revert to their native ways.

Dr. Sebi is against romantic relationships between black and white people. If the relationship produces a child, the child will not be grounded in any tradition. Black and white are fundamentally incompatible.

Black Misleadership

Black leaders are not interested in the health of black people. Dr. Sebi has made numerous attempts to work with black leaders, and no one wanted to unite with him. In the 1990’s, Sebi did a tour of Africa to get Africans on board with his plans to expand clinics to Africa. Only one country was willing to work with Sebi, Guinea. In some speeches, Sebi will not name Guinea to ensure that whites will not retaliate against this country. Guinea bequeathed Sebi with 5,000 acres of land and five hot springs. Unfortunately, the government of Guinea was not aware that Sebi planned to grow cannabis on the land and they had to renege the offer.

Sebi claims to have been afforded the opportunity to work with black government leaders in the United States. Michael Jackson recommended Sebi’s work to numerous government officials he knew. Jackson was treated for insomnia in 2004 by Sebi and wanted other people to know his work. Jackson secured a meeting between Sebi, then-President​ George W. Bush, Shelia Jackson-Lee, John Conyers, and Jesse Jackson Jr. Also, to the American politicians, there were seventeen African ambassadors and Leonard Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. POTUS Bush was the only one to give Sebi a grant to expand his practices to Africa. Sebi credits George W. Bush with doing more to fight AIDS in Africa than any other president. There is currently no African clinic run by Dr. Sebi or his foundation.

Black leaders in Africa or America are not concerned with the healing of their people. Most are simply interested in gaining more power. That is why many of them ally with whites and white organizations. The black leaders also use their followers for economic gain.

Sebi believes women are the rightful leaders of society. Men naturally are egotistical and power-hungry​. Male leadership leads to power grabs. Female leadership also corresponds to the laws of nature. In the forest, the cubs follow their mother, not their father.

List of Foods Recommend and Forbade by Dr. Sebi

Sea Moss, Mushrooms, Nopal, Amaranth, Fonio, Quinoa, Spelt Pasta, Almonds, Sarsaparilla, Moringa, Red Clover, Burdock, Yellow Dock, Marijuana

Aloe, Vera, Tofu, Peppermint, Dairy, Meat, Rice, Corn, Comfrey, Cassava, Spinach, Carrot, Licorice Root, Eggs, Tobacco

Dr. Sebi’s Critics

Dr. Sebi has a questionable knowledge of science. Sebi says in numerous interviews that the brain produces electric charges due to friction between carbon and copper in the brain. He says friction between carbon and copper produces electricity and electric generators utilize this mechanism. Electric generators produce electricity by spinning a magnet in a coil. The magnetism from the magnet excites electrons in the coil, and that generates electricity. There are carbon brushes in generators, but they do not produce electricity. They reduce arcing between the magnet and coil. A person that worked in a steam plant as an engineer would know how a generator works.

The mechanism that body uses to make and send electrical signals is completely different and has nothing to do with copper rubbing on carbon in the brain. Ions produced by reactions that involve sodium and potassium make electric signals. The brain does not generate electricity, and the brain is not an electrical generator for the body. A man that is using electrical food as the basis for his nutrition theory does not explain how electricity works in the body. The sodium-potassium gate is not a scientific theory; it is an observable phenomenon.

Protein is another area of nutrition Sebi does not feel to be important. Sebi repeatedly says no one knows what protein is and that is not true. There are numerous books on protein and there have been studies on what protein can do and the consequences of not having protein. A low protein diet can result in the loss of muscle tissue. The loss of muscle tissue as a result of insufficient protein is not a theory; it is an observable phenomenon that has been tested by science numerous times.

Traditional western medicine has cured numerous diseases. To list a few diseases: smallpox, polio, measles, yellow fever, and malaria. Modern science has mitigated the effects of HIV/AIDS. In the 1980’s HIV was a death sentence, now many people live with the disease for years. Dr. Sebi repeatedly says that traditional western medicine has cured nothing and the statement is simply not true.

Many of Dr. Sebi’s critics believe he is misleading people on the outcome of his court case. There are documents online that appear to be from the Supreme Court of the State of New York that show Sebi pleaded “not guilty.” The document details a temporary restraining order issued to Dr. Sebi on February 9, 1987. Dr. Sebi pleaded “not guilty, ” and the judge ordered him to do the following things:

1. Stop claiming his products or services cure diseases specifically AIDS, Herpes, and Lupus.
2. Stop advertising that he had the cure of these disease in any publication.
3. Stop diagnosing or treating diseases
4. Stop selling products with the claim the product cures disease or enhances the body’s function.
5. Post an advertisement in the New Amsterdam News offering full refund to dissatisfied customers
6. Payout plaintiffs in this case that were dissatisfied with the services rendered by Sebi.

On Dr. Sebi’s new website all products are described as treatments, not cures. Under the “Nutritional Guide” tab the following statement can be found.

“WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS: therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. We are nutritional consultants and make suggestions relating to nutrition. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you, nor does it conflict with any pharmaceutical medication you are taking. It is recommended that you take your products at least one hour prior to taking your medication so that the minerals offered can be fully assimilated.

The State of New York Supreme Court classified our products as “natural vegetation cell food” in 1988. As a result, when you take them you will have fed your cells and will not have much of an appetite.”

If Dr. Sebi had won his court case and proved his medical claims, this disclaimer would not be on his website. All of Dr. Sebi’s speeches claim pharmaceuticals are against G-d’s plan. The website disclaimer says that these are dietary supplements and are not substitutions for traditional western treatments.

It is important for the reader to remember Dr. Sebi was on trial for practicing medicine without a license. A court case cannot prove or disprove a scientific or medical claim, such as Dr. Sebi curing AIDS. Therefore, even if he won the case it simply shows he did not practice medicine as it is defined by the state of New York. Once the reader understands the issue in question during the trial, Sebi’s retelling of the story begins to be unbelievable. Sebi claims to have brought in seventy-seven witnesses to testify that they were cured. If this happened, then Sebi would have gone to prison for practicing without a license. It is doubtful that Sebi can back up his claims.

Dr. Sebi claims to have used a herb to remove Michael Jackson’s son’s brain tumor. Sebi alleges that after the boy had inhaled fumes from a bag of herbs, the boy sneezed 52 times and sneezed out the tumor. There is no way for brain tissue to move into the nasal passage and be sneezed out. If it did happen, Sebi should have kept the tumor as proof.

Dr. Sebi treated Jackson and his family in 2004. Jackson lived for another five years and never mentioned his treatment from Sebi or his removal of his son’s tumor in an interview. It is very unlikely this story happened. Dr. Sebi had to sue Michael Jackson for back payment of $380,000 and lost business of $600,000 according to E! News. Jackson died of a drug overdose in 2009.

Sebi names many celebrity clients including, Eddie Murphy’s mother, Steven Seagal, Wendy William’s son, Cecily Tyson’s brother, Teddy Pendergrass. None of these stars verify any of these stories. None promoted Dr. Sebi nor paid him.

The site Ripoff Report shows an anonymous testimonial from a patient dying of AIDS and various other diseases. The author details they spent $1500 for the first week and $800 for each following week for a minimum of twenty-five days of treatment. The testimonial lists numerous cases of poor customer service, difficulty in consistently receiving herbs, and ​nursing staff that did not speak English. Dr. Sebi’s daughter, Saama was running facility at the time. Dr. Sebi did not give any personal treatment to the author of the testimonial. The other patients at the Honduras facility were not being treated either. Many were in agony. Once at the facility, the staff began back-peddling​ on the claims to cure disease. Sebi’s medical staff started saying it is a lifestyle change and there are no guarantee that the lifestyle will cure a disease. The author claims Dr. Sebi’s system is a glorified detox.

Dr. Sebi’s wild claims to cure illnesses that have no cure is truly unfortunate. The alkaline diet is effective in improving overall health. However, it is not a cure-all. If Sebi sold the alkaline diet for what it is, he could get plenty of support from the black community. He oversells his system and takes advantage of black trauma from years of health system disenfranchisement.


Sebi does concentrate on an area of black empowerment often overlooked, diet. Proper diet will improve physical and mental health. The growing of herbs can make a community more cohesive and help to build a strong work ethic. The overall health of the black community is poor. In addition to poor health, we have limited access to health care. Proper diet is an excellent way to prevent serious health problems.

One significant issue with Dr. Sebi’s diet is most of the foods he recommends are not readily available in stores. A person would even have a difficult time finding some of these items in health food stores. Sebi’s plan would need to be connected to urban farming or moving into a large commune. Sebi’s followers would have to grow this food themselves and remove temptation from the outside world. ​Sebi’s diet is not a casual activity.

However, diet will not fix every problem in the black community. The most troubling aspect of Sebi’s philosophy is that poor diet is the sole cause of mental illness. Mental illness is a very complex subject. Diet is a factor, but past experiences, physiology, and spiritual development are also factors in mental health. A person must analyze all aspects and causes of their emotional pathologies and determine what corrective actions are needed. Trying to solve the problem with the only diet is far too limiting. Nothing can be off the table to improve a person’s mental health. Healing can not exclude pharmaceuticals.

It appears Sebi could have used some deeper psychiatric evaluation himself. He seems to have a pattern in which he gets a women pregnant outside of his marriages and then has to marry her. Judging from the number of times he brings up his relationship with his mother and how his brother felt unloved by their mother, it is safe to conclude the family dynamic was not healthy. It is possible Sebi used his romantic relationships to compensate or relive aspects of childhood trauma caused by his mother. It would be great if Dr. Sebi went into more detail on his childhood and how it affects his relationships.

Dr. Sebi also talks about how he had no men in his childhood. He also says that he will not teach men to be healers. The prohibition of male healers would lead a person to believe that Sebi could have issues with men. Sebi is a healer, but he believes other men can do the same thing or should do the same thing. He repeatedly says that his mother is the only god he knows. His reverence for his mother leads many people to conclude that he did not have a healthy relationship with his mother.

Sebi’s philosophy prohibits the use of western medicine. Western medicine is yet another tool whites use to separate blacks from their heritage according to Sebi. Limiting healing to any one​ method is insane. Black people must be willing to tackle health problems from many angles. If western medicine is working, continue with western medicine. The best methods of healing will utilize natural and pharmaceutical means. Black people must stay open to all healing techniques.

Dr. Sebi is a Red Meme Separatist. His philosophy focuses on black people building a separate identity linked to their African heritage. One of the biggest clues Sebi gives to prove he has Red consciousness is his argument on why hybrid foods are bad. He says, “Beans are from Britain, Cassava originated in Portugal, and Carrots are from Holland.” Anything originating in Europe is automatically wrong. When he speaks to his audience on why these foods are bad, he simply mentions they originated in Europe. Their European origin should be enough to prove these foods are bad.

A myth is the center of the Red Meme. In Dr. Sebi’s case, the myth is pre-colonial Africa was utopia. There were not many records from pre-colonial Africa made by Africans, so ultimately no one knows what happened in pre-colonial Africa. The few records we have of Africa show they did grow rice and other staple grains before Europe invaded. One well-known example of native African grain production was in Egypt. Harvesting of grain was the basis of Egyptian culture. It is not realistic to believe these methods did not propagate to or originate from Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Sebi uses the myth of Pre-colonial African utopia as the foundation of his philosophy.

This analysis was created after watching Dr. Sebi speeches on Youtube. The reader should view the Youtube playlist SD Dr. Sebi and SD Anti-Dr. Sebi. For more on Dr. Sebi check out his official website below.

This is a personal blog that is not an official Spiral Dynamics Blog. It is based on the work of Clare Graves and Don Beck. For more information on Spiral Dynamics please go to the website below.

Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T

Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T is a debater, linguist, inventor of his own language, celebrity mentor, UFO proponent, and real estate mogul. The moniker P.O.L.I.G.H.T stands for Pride, Optimism, Love, Integrity, Gallant, Honesty, and Trust. He is the founder of NuCovenant a spiritual community that is based on Egyptian Mythology which will be referred to in this post as Kemetic Science. Kemet was the name of Egypt used by Egyptians. The word Egypt is of Greek origin and was not used at the time of the pharaohs. NuCovenant also aids members in obtaining financial success. The motto of the organization is “Where Consciousness meets Commerce.”

Significant accomplishments include

  • Mentoring numerous celebrities including Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)
  • The UFO Conference for Melenated People
  • 2016 Speaking at Black Lawyers for Justice rally in Cleveland Ohio a Black Lives Matters Protests
  • Numerous debate wins against Hebrew Israelites, Moorish Scientist, Nation of Islam, and others
  • Married to four women simultaneously (Supporter of Polygamy)
  • Speaks seven languages
  • Invented the Nuwaubian language

Early Life

Brother Polight was born in the Brownsville housing project in Brooklyn, New York. His father died when he was eight years old. He did not meet his mother until he was seventeen years old one week before she died.

Brownsville Projects was rated one of the worst projects in the world. At thirteen years old, Polight had a gold chain stolen by a Blood. Polight joined the CRIPS gang for protection and pride. Polight’s leadership ability in the gang lead to him becoming CRIP Superior. His criminal activity culminates in incarceration for gun possession and assault.

When Polight left prison he opened an organic restaurant and began taking classes from Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi is a well know Afro-Latin holistic health and medicine guru. Sebi has been reported curing dozens of AIDS patients with herbal remedies. Polight underwent treatment for diabetes under Dr. Sebi. Polight credits Dr. Sebi for curing his diabetes.

Brother Polight has studied numerous spiritual and black empowerment movements. Polight began speaking on behalf of the New Black Panther Party and introducing Malik Zulu Shabazz. However, his main spiritual influence is Dr. Malachi York. Dr. York created the Nuwabian school of Kemetic Science that mixed UFO science, black nationalism, and conspiracy theories into a philosophy for black empowerment. Dr. York was disgraced by a conviction of child molestation in 2004. Brother Polight believes Dr. York is innocent and that the government simply wanted to stop the movement.

Black Sovereignty

The focus of Brother Polight’s work is black sovereignty.  Black Sovereignty is black people controlling our financial security, mental health, spiritual awakening, and education. Black people should fully divest themselves from any institution that is controlled by white people. Black Sovereignty means pulling children out of public schools, leaving monotheistic religions, and starting black businesses. All of Polight’s views on other issues returns the follower back to sovereignty.

The basis for full sovereignty will be a spirituality rooted in a positive conception of black people. The spirituality from inception must be controlled by black people and free of white interference. The spirituality must also have practical applications that allow a follower to fight and maneuver around white supremacy. Kemetic Science offers all these elements. Kemetic science was born in Africa, built in Africa, and serves Africans.

The idea of black sovereignty is the focus of spirituality of NuCovenant  Kemetic Science. The Kemetians did not believe in G-d. G-d meaning an all powerful being that can deliver a person from bad situations or reward a person for good behavior. The Kemetian Gods were archetypes or examples that people should emulate. Kemetian Gods represent standards of behavior. The individual is the most powerful entity in Brother Polight’s spirituality, and the individual is in charge or his or her destiny.

If a person needs a G-d, then the black woman is G-d. The black woman creates life and this is something that you see every day. The black woman is the creator and should be revered as such. Because the black woman is G-d the black man should serve her. A black man’s actions should always be in the best interest of his woman and the women of the community.

The White man and how to build proper relations

The cause of white aggression and racism is genetic. The history of white domination has gone back over 400 years. In this 400 years, there was no large-scale concerted effort to stop the oppression or reimburse black people for materials stolen from them. Even the abolition movement was meant to keep black people oppressed while giving the illusion of freedom. In short, the intentions of white people should never be trusted due to being genetically predisposed to hating black people.

Due to the fact that the white man’s hatred of black people is in his DNA, black people should not make babies with white people. The children of interracial couples will have DNA that will cause self-hate. The mixed race children will also not be able to focus on black empowerment due to their sympathy to their white parents.  White people will also be able to use mixed people to promote a white agenda and confuse black people into thinking the agenda originated with black people.

In spite of all the problems with race mixing, mixed people and black people with mixed race children can join the NuCovenant community. Mixed people and black people with mixed children will have to cut personal ties with white people and completely focus on black empowerment and identity.

Black people can do business with white people and learn from white people if the service cannot be provided within the black community. The relationship should always be mutually beneficial. Black people should always be careful in these relationships and verify they are not being used.

The focus of the NuCovenant community is to build a strong Black America. This means removing the influence of white supremacy from our minds, relationships, and institutions. Once the legacy of white relationships has been removed, black people can rebuild a truly Afro-centric society.

What Polight has right and wrong

Polight has more wrong here than right. First, he presents no scientific evidence that racism corresponds to a gene and this gene originated in Europe. He references epigenetics often which is a science, but not a specific finding or study to support the claim of racism having a genetic origin. Therefore, the claim that racism is genetic is unscientific.

There is far more evidence that racism is a social construct that was invented to solidify power around white men. Because it is a social construct an individual can invest in it or divest in it. So an individual white person that realizes racism is a social construct, that the social construct has created pathologies that affect his life presently, and are working to remove those pathologies can unite with black people.

The idea that racism is genetic in origin will always lead to mixed people being viewed with suspicion. If racism in a gene in white people and mixed people have white genes, there is a good chance they will be racist and should be viewed with suspicion. The idea that racism is genetic in origin will always lead to division in the black community.  In addition to the claim racism is genetic, the claim can be easily disproven by the amount of mixed race people that are in the forefront of the struggle.


Diet is a huge part of Brother Polight’s philosophy. He is a supporter of an Alkaline diet rich in live vegetables and herbs. Polight has an online herbal store and numerous books on herbal remedies. He supports eating bitter foods as they help to prevent cancer.

Foods to avoid are all processed foods, hybrid plants, and white foods. Hybrid plants have such as carrots have poisons that build up in your body due to them being unnatural. Included in hybrid plants are all seedless fruits. White foods such as milk and potatoes increase puss in the body. Milk is especially bad for health due to the fact it is irradiated during pasteurization.

Neural development is another area of Polight’s expertise. Speaking multiple languages increases neuro connections between the right and left hemisphere. Tonal languages ,primarily from Africa, have the added benefit of increase overall brain wave vibration. Another method to increase brain wave vibration is listening to music in the key of middle C. Most current music is in A. A healthy brain will vibrate from 72 – 90 MHz and vibration above 80 MHz is genius level.

Childbirth is very important in building a strong sovereign black community. Women should not give birth lying down as it damages the spine. Women should also avoid epidurals because it drugs the baby. If the baby is born from an epidural the baby’s eyes will be closed. This is evidence of the baby being negatively affected by epidural drugs. The placenta is essential for baby’s health. The placenta should be left attached to the baby. The placenta will naturally dry up and fall off after a few days. This allows all of the nutrients and stem cells to enter the baby and aid in neural development.

Black people must avoid exploitation by the healthcare market. Placentas should be kept by the parents after childbirth. DNA extracted from the placenta is used for medical research to develop cures that black people can not afford.  Polight’s cites the Henrietta Lax case for an example of the DNA of black people being used to create many cures that most black people cannot afford.

Brother Polight is also against vaccines. Vaccines are filled with various toxins and the fetuses of dead babies. Black people should use an alkaline diet and herbal supplements to prevent disease.

Polight’s  lists the dangers of promiscuity. According to Polight, semen consists of spinal fluid. As a man ejaculates, he diminishes his spinal fluid. If a man ejaculates too often he can deplete his spinal fluid and reduces his cognitive abilities. On the same token, if a woman absorbs spinal fluid from too many men she can bring on psychosis. The personalities of the different men can infect her brain and put her at war with herself. Men should be mindful to not ejaculate quicker than their body can replenish the spinal fluid. Women should limit sexual partners and make sure lovers are mentally and emotionally stable.

Mental health is also affected by sensory intake. Black people should not listen to negative music. Music that degrades black people should be avoided. The actual frequency of the music matters. Ideally, music should be in the key of middle C. Most modern music is in A. Drum music improves mood because the drum units the plant and animal kingdom due to the fact it is made with animal skin and tree bark.

What Polight has right and wrong

Polight is correct on the importance of a healthy and plant-based diet. Numerous nutritionists support the validity of the alkaline diet. Herbal supplements are proven to be extremely important to proper nutrition and disease prevention.

However, healthy eating and herbal supplements cannot be used to replace traditional medicine. The most dangerous advice given by Polight is not taking vaccines. Vaccines are a low-cost way to prevent diseases that are deadly and expensive to treat. If large percentages of the population do not get vaccines there could be outbreaks of serious diseases.  If large a percentage of the black population becomes ill, then community building will be halted.

Polight also conflates Kemetic mythology with Western science. One of the more outrageous claims by Polight is that the heart is an electromagnet. He claims that because the blood circulates and the blood has iron in it, a small current is induced around the heart. The electromagnetic force created by this current is visible to some people as an aura.  The claim of the heart being an electromagnet is not supported by any western scientist. The claim can also be easily checked with a gaussmeter or magnetometer. Polight makes numerous unfounded scientific claims due to the conflation of science with Kemetian mythology.

Another wild claim of Polight is that ejaculation depletes spinal fluid. There is no medical evidence for this claim. Semen is produced in the prostate. The prostate is not connected to the spine. The production of spinal fluid and semen are separate processes. Polight has demonstrated that he does not have a basic understanding of anatomy. In addition, there are many reasons to not be promiscuous that can be backed by science.

To put it simply Polight should not be used as a health guru. He does not understand anatomy and he mixes science with mythology/morality from Kemet. He has some good advice on diet, but there are numerous other sources for this information that can be backed by hard science. Polight also advises against Western medicine.


Financial Stability is necessary to allow a person to spend a proper amount of time to focus on spirituality. The capitalist debt economy caused people to be overworked and reduces the amount of time left for spiritual pursuits.  Entrepreneurship can allow a person to be financially secure and reduce time spent at work. Working for a corporation, by its very nature, will consume all your time for modest financial benefit.

Real Estate is a field that can offer true financial stability with moderate time investment. To be successful in real estate, it is important to avoid mortgages.  Mortgage are insured by an entity that collects money from prison labor. So the mortgage market and the private prison system are closely connected. Details on how to invest in real estate without mortgages are available in Polight’s book. The writer of this article could not find details on how to do this online.

Being able to receive and manage credit is a large component of financial stability. Credit Card companies do not discriminate directly on race. However, they do discriminate on the location of the home of the person applying for credit. So a system similar to the mortgage redlining of the 1980’s and 1990’s is alive in the credit card industry. Most black people live in low-income neighborhoods, therefore the discrimination based on location is indirect racial discrimination. To avoid discrimination, black people should have a P.O. Box in a neighborhood with an average income of more than $150,000 a year.

Brother Polight also supports community crowdfunding to pool large amounts of capital. He illustrates how if 10,000 people give $10 a month $1,000,000 can be collected in 10 months. Black people also spend more than any other community. Black people do not need reparations or any other help from the white man. We simply need to spend our money wisely.

The lack of financial stability in the black community that spans many generations can have a negative effect on our psychology. The pathologies surrounding generational poverty are labeled Post Traumatic Poverty Disorder (PTPD). There are three major ways PTPD plays out. The first is a person asserting themselves in areas of life that are not contingent on financial success. A person can become promiscuous, aggressive, or argumentative to prove to themselves that they have value. The second way is suspicion of black people that have money. In times of slavery, slaves could secure better lodging, more food, and reduce work schedule from providing sexual favors for slave masters and providing information on slave revolts. This mentality was deeply embedded in the minds of slaves and has not been eradicated. Black people need to be mindful of how their feelings about successful black people could be rooted in the suffering of slaves. The last way PTPD plays itself out is in the need for black people to show off wealth. Polight says that this can be healthy and something black people with money need to “get out of their system”. The flaunting of wealth should be done in a way that does not put the person in debt. Make sure you got it before you flaunt it.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight has correctly identified the problems, yet does not have any viable solutions. He details how credit card and other financial institutions can discriminate against black people without explicitly racist rules. However, the solution of getting a PO Box in a rich neighborhood can be easily thwarted by credit card companies requiring physical addresses. Polight recommends the I-Space solution of having a PO box in a rich neighborhood for an IT-Space problem. The I-Space solution can easily be countered by the credit card companies requiring a physical address for all applications. I-Space solutions will always be incomplete for IT-Space problems.

The NuCovenant websites presents numerous I Space solutions for IT Space problems. The NuCovenant website offers services to members and non-members to restore credit and create independent trust to hold real estate through declaring sovereignty. The services range from $550 – $1500. The idea behind all of these services is that declaring yourself independent of mainstream society a person will be allowed special legal privileges that will increase financial freedom. However, if Black people  implement these solutions en masse, the law can be changed to disallow people to participate in the economic after sovereignty is declared.

In addition to Brother Polight’s solutions to systemic financial disenfranchisement being short term, the solutions do not work. Many people accuse Brother Polight promising relief from foreclosures and bankruptcy and not coming through on the promises.  Youtuber A. Victor details how he gave Polight many thousand of dollars to prevent his foreclosure. Victor claims that Polight will not even return his calls. Polight uses Victor’s case as an example in his seminar. Victor’s property was sold a year after getting Polight’s services.

Polight is also known for not fulfilling his online orders. Many people have claimed they waited three and four months for his financial self-help books. The books are not copy written and are simply cut and paste from other people’s work. Polight has no formal training in finance or any real world experience in finance.

Polight is not an authority on financial matters. He should not be trusted and people should not pay for his services. The people that have paid for his services do not get the results that they intend.  Polight does not have solutions for black financial empowerment.


The acceptance of homosexuality started in Greek and Roman Culture. The cultivation of the lifestyle was promoted in European cultures. No African cultures accepted homosexuality. In Kemet, homosexuality was forbidden in many scrolls that can be referenced today. No indigenous African or Middle Eastern culture accepted homosexuality unless they were conquered by Greeks or Romans.

Homosexuality was forced on male slaves in the United States through sex farms. Male slaves were bought and sodomized by white slave masters. White slave masters also molested the male children of slaves and castrated slaves that were rebellious.

The current power structure supports homosexuality in black men for two reasons. The first is homosexual men do not have children, therefore reducing the overall number of black people and allowing for whites to be the majority population. The second is gay men are more effeminate and docile making them easier to control.

Black men are not homosexual by nature. However, there are factors that can reduce a man’s virility and induce homosexual tendencies. The first is trauma from slavery that was passed on for generations. The second are various medications that can reduce virility through inducing a hormone imbalance. The third is a need to avoid the responsibility of building a strong family. The fourth is to get concessions and aid from white men. Gay men have an easier time in corporate America because they are passive and easier to control. The passivity of gay men allows for inclusion in a company with no threat to the white power structure.

Currently, the white power structure is attempting to teach homosexuality in schools. Homosexuality has been added to the high school sex education in many states. This is especially dangerous in the black community because we have many single parent households.  Black children see relationship dysfunction played out in the home and in the homes of their neighbors. Introducing homosexuality at an early age could lead a child to give up on heterosexual relationships completely. An increase in homosexual relationships will reduce the black population and allow white people to retain power. Sex education should be done at home by parents.

Ultimately, homosexuality prevents the building of strong families. The black man’s purpose is to serve the black woman. Homosexuality is no better than drug dealing or prostitution. In addition to the practical problems it presents to the black community, it was forbidden in Kemetian law. Kemet is our example par excellence for building a strong nation.

Brother Polight does not support violence against homosexuals. Homosexuals can also be a part of the black empowerment movement. However, homosexuals cannot lead are be at the forefront of the movement. Homosexuality is a weakness and homosexuals will need to concentrate on healing themselves first.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight attempts to assert black people are not homosexual by nature. He never presents any scientific evidence that homosexuality is genetic in nature and that this gene originates in Europe. Even if it is genetic and originates in Europe many black people have white people in their ancestry. Therefore, it could be natural for some black people to be homosexual.

Also, the prohibition of homosexuality in Kemet and other African cultures  does not mean it does not naturally occur in black people. In fact, the prohibition of homosexuality proves there were homosexuals in these cultures prior to European intervention.

The idea that gay black men have an easier time than straight black men cannot be proven. The success of men like Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels are cited as an example of gay black men having an easier time making it in the corporate world. The root of this idea is gay men are inferior to straight men, therefore their success has to be due to them being gay. The idea of heterosexual superiority is no different than a white man attributing a black man’s success to Affirmative Action or men accusing women of sleeping to the top. This is just another thing to divide the black community.

There is some evidence that black gay men make more that black straight men. However, all the other factors were not isolated. Do black gay men have more education because they are not starting families? Do black gay men have more job mobility because they are not tied down with a wife and children? These are factors that need to be evaluated. The disparity between black gay men and black straight men could have more causes than black gay men being perceived as less threatening.

Ultimately, attempting to marginalize homosexuals causes more division in the black community. Many homosexuals have things to offer the black community and if they feel ostracized then they will avoid black people. If the black community needs to be strengthened, then all members of the community need to be enfranchised. Saying no homosexuals can lead the community will disenfranchise people and cause the community to suffer.

Women’s rights and role

A major tenet of Brother Polight’s philosophy is the black woman being G-d. The black woman creates life every day and this is verifiable. The black woman is the backbone of the community and ensures the continuation of our race. Due to the black woman’s importance, the black man should serve his woman, and all of his actions should be in support of his woman.

Men should not regulate how women should dress. If men want women covered up, it could show undercurrents of homosexuality in the man. If women are allowed to dress in clothing that is tight or revealing, this will aid in combating homosexuality in the black community.

Women should also be allowed to lead and become spiritual teachers. Spiritual philosophies that teach that women are the weaker vessel will damage the psychology of young girls. These young women will have less confidence and seek to latch on to a man.

Polygamy is also beneficial to black people. At this time there are more black women that are single . If they are all supposed to get married, then polygamy is necessary. However, men should prove they can sustain a monogamous relationship first and become financially stable before securing multiple wives.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight does present a somewhat positive display of the value of women. He also gives women the flexibility to dress as they want. The best part of this philosophy is that women can be leaders in the movement.

The value of women is still based on their ability to have children and create a family with a man. There is not much mention of the place of women that do not want children or can not have children. Polight’s philosophy is ultimately typical for blue meme thinkers. He thinks the family structure is more important than anything else. Therefore, traditional roles are more important than anything else and people have value due to their role. A truly integral view allows people to have inherent value.

Because people have to fit into roles and these roles have a hierarchy of importance, people then need to play their role instead of finding themselves and living their truth. Polight can then use the hierarchy of roles to berate homosexuals and people in interracial relationships. He assumes that the people in non-traditional relationships could have traditional relationships if they try hard enough and they should try harder because the betterment of the community depends on it. He does not allow people to actually find themselves and live their truth.


Black people cannot claim to be part of Rabbinical Judaism. The current state of Isreal has very few black people. The few blacks that are there, Beta Isreal descendent from Ethiopian Jews, are discriminated against. Isreali law prohibits education for Ethiopian Jews after fifteen years. Isreali blood banks dump Ethiopian blood to prevent contaminating European Jews. Ethiopian Jews were sterilized without consent through fake vaccinations.  The discrimination was so bad the Ethiopian Jews organized into an organization similar to Black Panthers. The group is called Mizrahim.

The Talmud explicitly states that a Jew does not have to treat a Gentile in a moral manner. Also, numerous verses in the old testament show that a Jewish person should not share their G-d with other nations. There is some evidence that people from Isreal settled in various places in Africa after 70 AD. However, their numbers were so small it would be difficult from their genetic markers to exist more than 2000 years later. So a Black American can not definitively prove he or she has a Jewish bloodline. Therefore a Jew has no moral basis to treat or unite with a Black American.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight is correct to point out systemic racism in the Jewish community. This information should cause black people within the religion to fight back and open the eyes of people thinking about converting to the religion. He applauds the efforts of the Mizrahim, as he should. Judaism needs to be more active in fighting racism.

Polight is wrong for his mischaracterization of the Talmud. The Talmud is a many-volumed work written in many places over many centuries. To take one quote and use the one quote to nullify relationships between Gentiles and Jews is unfair.  Polight is not a Talmudic scholar and could not possibly know much about the work. Sweeping statements reduce the validity of the argument.

Ultimately, a person needs to find their spiritual path. If that path is Judaism, a person should pursue it. At the same time, a black follower’s eyes should be open to what is ahead of him. A black follower must be secure in the fact his membership is valid. This is especially true for Judaism, where many people will question your relationship to the chosen people.

Hebrew Israelites

The Hebrew Israelite religion is a religion for black people based on Ancient Biblical Judaism. According to the Hebrew Israelite religion, the original Israelites were black. Therefore the people currently identifying as Jews could not be related to the ancient Israelites and do not have a valid claim on the religion. White people cannot join the Hebrew Israelite religion. Members refer to themselves as Hebrews.

Brother Polight’s main argument with the Hebrew’s is their depiction of women as weaker than men. By teaching women are the weaker vessel it will reinforce a negative self-concept in young women. This negative self-concept will lead to codependent relationships.

The idea of women as a weaker vessel is also not substantiated by the Bible. In the Genisis account of the garden of Eden, Eve is offered the apple first. This shows that Eve was more important to corrupt than Adam. If an entity wanted to control and harm a people the women will be attacked first. The Garden Eden story serves as a great metaphor for the current state of Black America.

The idea that women are the weaker vessel also does not explain why more violent crime is committed by men. Polight describes the fratricidal war that is ongoing in the inner city as complete perpetuated by men. Men believing that they are inherently stronger or less susceptible to strong emotions is not supported by fact.

Polight also points out the Bible is outdated. The most important issue in the black community is a lack of Capital. There is nothing in the Bible about building an economy. The Bible also causes divisions in the black community as evident in all the Hebrew Israelite factions. Hebrews spent time arguing the fine points of the bible instead of building a community. Many proponents of the Bible point to all the prophecies in the Bible that have come true. Polight rebuts this argument with the fact that people are capable of psychic ability. The presence of true prophecy does not prove the existence of G-d or validate a religion. Any book separates people from the direct experience of G-d. People should interact with the divine directly.

Hebrew Israelites also exclude black people that want to help in empowerment because they do not want to join the Hebrew Israelites. Polight preaches “race first”. The inclusion of all black people that want to be active in the community is paramount.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

The arguments that Polight makes against the Israelites are relatively common. The Bible is an old book and many aspects of the Bible are antiquated. There is no large-scale economic plan in the Bible. Also, many Biblical views on women will not be compatible with today’s society.

Even considering all these issues, the Bible still has  validity. People need to supplement their knowledge of the Bible with information from modern sources. Polight expresses an adequate understanding of the Bible and his advice on the religion should be taken seriously.


Islam began in Arabia and was meant for Arabs. Black people or Africans were never intended to be included. The propagation of Islam spread the idea that Arabic civilization is superior to all other cultures. Indigenous African religions began to be suppressed.  The Africans that adopted Islam devalued their native civilization and countrymen and aided Arabs in the slave trade.

In addition to the subjugation of Africans in Islamic culture, no one can be sure if Muhammad actually lived and if he did live what he actually said. Arabic was not a codified written language at the time it was purportedly transmitted. Muhammad spoke a form of Proto-Arabic called Al-Fusha. His original seventy-two followers wrote the transmission in Syriac, the only codified written language in the area. By all accounts from Orthodox Muslims, Muhammad could not read. Therefore, he could not verify if the written account was accurate. Arabic was codified into a written language sixty years later. Later Califs forced the Koran to only be written in Arabic.

The word Muhammad is also a moniker, not a name. Polight cites instances of the word Muhammad being used to describe great kings before The Prophet was alive. He also points to a Byzantine coin that depicts Jesus with the moniker Muhammad. The written account of Muhammad’s life, The Hadith, was written 200 years after his death. It is possible that The Profit Muhammad was an amalgamation of various great leaders and spiritual teachers from 500 AD to 650 AD.

The Arab slave trade lasted longer and was more brutal than the European slave trade. The Arab slave trade lasted 800 years longer and transported six million more people. The most brutal aspect was the double castration of all male slaves. The double castration resulted in very few living descendants of slaves in Arabia.

Historical records prove Arabs felt their African slaves were less than human. IBN Khaldon a Muslim slave trader said Africans have no family structure and are naturally submissive. Muhammad was a slave owner, and there are no records of widespread opposition to slavery from any of his followers. Mulay Ismail Ibn Shariff fathered eight hundred children by slave women and castrated the male children. Also, Africans that converted to Islam, such as Tippu Tip, sold his countrymen into slavery.

Islam was adopted by Black Americans to fight against White Supremacy, not because the religion was properly analyzed and questioned. Black people needed something to fight against the white power structure. The largest and most successful American Islamic organization is the Nation of Islam (NOI).  The NOI has independent news outlets, financial assistance for members to start businesses, and agreements with foreign governments to provide educational support. The economic success of the NOI is not due to Islam, due to the fact there are no economic plans in the Koran. The success of the NOI is not due to Islam; the ingenuity and perseverance of the membership are the reason for success.

As stated earlier, Brother Polight does not believe that Islam is a religion that was cruel to black people. The success of Islam in Black American as due to hard working members, not divine intervention. It is time for blacks to cast off foreign gods and return to themselves and their ancestral heritage.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight’s arguments against Islam are similar to his arguments against Judaism. However, the racist past of these religions should not prevent people from following the path. Each follower must fully understand how the religion has treated his people and how he will relate to the path. Everyone reinvents their religion to fit their life.

The NOI is a perfect example of how to take a religion and reinvent it to be useful in a personal struggle for freedom. The members were able to create a semi-insulated economy because they were grounded and united in Islam. Despite there not being an economic plan in the Koran, members were able to invent an economic plan rooted in Islamic values.

It is also important to remember that Kemet is one of the oldest slave societies. Many of the arguments used by pharaohs to keep Hebrew, Cushite, and Nubian slaves is similar to arguments Arabs and Whites used. Polight has reinvented the Kemetic religion to fit his present day needs. He should allow others to do the same.


L. Ron Hubbard invented Scientology to control Africans in South Africa. Derogatory statements of Africans fill Hubbard’s original works. The statements center around Africans being unable to learn, needing constant supervision, and imbuing inanimate objects with personalities (hyper-superstition). These views were common in the 1950’s  among white people.

Scientology has made no effort to denounce these statements and make sure members do not hold these views. However, they are making efforts to proselytize black people in New York City. When proselytizing, they do not make it know that L. Ron Hubbard was racist. They evaluate the mental health of black people, various diagnosis pathologies, and prescribe therapy based on Dianetics. The psychological evaluation does not take into account the effects of living inside a culture that is often hostile toward black people.

Dianetics has also been proven ineffective in various court cases in numerous countries. Hubbards Ph.D. in psychology was a University founded by Hubbard. He awarded himself and close companions PhD’s as soon as the Univeristy was established.  Independent research of Dianetics shows no significant improvement in the mental health of patients. Reviews from psychologist show Dianetics over-simplifies the human personality and make wild generalizations that can not be backed by facts.

Scientology is not a valid religion for a black person because the founder was a racist. No effort has been made to remove racism from the religion and make amends for past damage done. Scientology is not open with the racism in the religion with new members. Therefore, black people should not only leave the religion. The religion should not be allowed to proselytize in the black community.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Again Polight does a good job pointing out flaws in the religion of another person. As stated earlier everyone has to reinvent the religion to suit their needs. Scientologist should be working toward a more racially inclusive philosophy.


Brother Polight put on the First UFO Conference for Melanated People.  When Brother Polight speaks of Extraterrestrials he is not talking about little green men. Polight considers an extraterrestrial any being or consciousness outside of earth. Therefore, if a person believes in G-d, then that person would believe in an extraterrestrial. G-d exists outside earth therefore, G-d is an ET. Polight explains if a Christian believes Jesus is coming back, then he is not currently on earth and is extraterrestrial. UFO’s and extraterrestrial consciousness give a physical mechanism and explanation of how many spiritual prophecies.

When Brother Polight speaks of being abducted he means that he was infected with a consciousness greater than the surroundings around him at that time. An ET consciousness allowed him to turn away from gang life and study holistic medicine. In the same way, the ancient Egyptians had to have access to a consciousness outside of earth to build the pyramids. The technology available at the time would not allow for a building to be built with such precision. Polight cites other civilizations with extraordinary knowledge of astrology as having access to extraterrestrials.

The government and religious organizations keep knowledge of extraterrestrials away from the public. If celestial beings exist in the physical realm then they are accessible to anyone. This will remove the need for priest and pastors. If people en masse learn to communicate with ET’s then people can get aid in fighting and overthrow their government. This is why the government jails people that expose ET’s.

To be completely clear, Polight does believe there are actual physical beings on other planets that visited earth, but the definition of extraterrestrial is not limited to physical beings. Polight claims the sports and entertainment industry is used to hide extraterrestrial hybrids in plain sight. An example is the NBA. In the NBA, a person can see numerous people above seven feet in height. People of this height are rarely seen in normal life. The circus may have people with hair all over their body, again something rarely ever seen. However, putting these people in the circus and telling the masses that they are just odd humans reduces the likelihood that people will question the origins of these people.

Polight believes that ET’s have influenced and contacted human beings. An example is the Dogon tribe of Western Africa. This tribe has had knowledge or a star called Sirius B which was not known to western scientist until the early 1900’s. The pyramids are another example of possible ET’ intervention, due to the fact no one can build anything that precise and that large with modern technology.

Polight also contends the major world governments know about ET’s and purposely hide information on ET’s from the public. Polight references the NASA program named Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI). The United Nations creates land grants for areas of Mars and the Moon. The world governments also control the media and ensure that portrayals of extraterrestrial life and contact border on the absurd.

Polight’s views on extraterrestrials put him at odds with most Kemetic Scientists. The idea that the Kemetians were not solely responsible for their civilization reduces the grandeur of the civilization is very offensive to most Kemetic Scientist. The argument that aliens built the pyramids has also been used by white supremacist to prove a civilization of black people could not do great things. The Nuwuabian and NuCovenant schools are on the fringes of Kemetic Science in that regard.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight berates Muslims, Christians, and Isrealites for believing in things they cannot prove. Then he presents a UFO philosophy that is completely conjecture. There is no verifiable evidence that UFO’s have interacted with ancient man or modern man. His persistence and belief in UFO’s should invalidate Polight in the eyes of most people.

If UFO theory needs to be debunked, the following ideas will be presented. If aliens came the ancient world, why did they stop coming. If they have technology to travel through the Cosmos and they discovered earth, they would come and go as they please. The government could not find evidence of their presence because they would be landing on earth all the time. Contact with alien life would be impossible to hide.

In Conclusion

Brother Polight is a blue meme thinker. He has made an idealized version of ancient Kemet Utopia. His solutions are heavy in the WE- Space. He does not have a basic understanding of science and the reader should thoroughly check his sources. The reader should not buy or take his financial advice. Polight has detailed my problems, but his solutions are sketchy at best.

Brother Polight is somewhat proficient in his analysis of religion. He will, at times, make sweeping statements, but his overall methodology is correct. However, Polight should take a more critical look at his own religious beliefs and understand how much faith is required in his beliefs.

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