Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T is a debater, linguist, inventor of his own language, celebrity mentor, UFO proponent, and real estate mogul. The moniker P.O.L.I.G.H.T stands for Pride, Optimism, Love, Integrity, Gallant, Honesty, and Trust. He is the founder of NuCovenant a spiritual community that is based on Egyptian Mythology which will be referred to in this post as Kemetic Science. Kemet was the name of Egypt used by Egyptians. The word Egypt is of Greek origin and was not used at the time of the pharaohs. NuCovenant also aids members in obtaining financial success. The motto of the organization is “Where Consciousness meets Commerce.”

Significant accomplishments include

  • Mentoring numerous celebrities including Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)
  • The UFO Conference for Melenated People
  • 2016 Speaking at Black Lawyers for Justice rally in Cleveland Ohio a Black Lives Matters Protests
  • Numerous debate wins against Hebrew Israelites, Moorish Scientist, Nation of Islam, and others
  • Married to four women simultaneously (Supporter of Polygamy)
  • Speaks seven languages
  • Invented the Nuwaubian language

Early Life

Brother Polight was born in the Brownsville housing project in Brooklyn, New York. His father died when he was eight years old. He did not meet his mother until he was seventeen years old one week before she died.

Brownsville Projects was rated one of the worst projects in the world. At thirteen years old, Polight had a gold chain stolen by a Blood. Polight joined the CRIPS gang for protection and pride. Polight’s leadership ability in the gang lead to him becoming CRIP Superior. His criminal activity culminates in incarceration for gun possession and assault.

When Polight left prison he opened an organic restaurant and began taking classes from Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi is a well know Afro-Latin holistic health and medicine guru. Sebi has been reported curing dozens of AIDS patients with herbal remedies. Polight underwent treatment for diabetes under Dr. Sebi. Polight credits Dr. Sebi for curing his diabetes.

Brother Polight has studied numerous spiritual and black empowerment movements. Polight began speaking on behalf of the New Black Panther Party and introducing Malik Zulu Shabazz. However, his main spiritual influence is Dr. Malachi York. Dr. York created the Nuwabian school of Kemetic Science that mixed UFO science, black nationalism, and conspiracy theories into a philosophy for black empowerment. Dr. York was disgraced by a conviction of child molestation in 2004. Brother Polight believes Dr. York is innocent and that the government simply wanted to stop the movement.

Black Sovereignty

The focus of Brother Polight’s work is black sovereignty.  Black Sovereignty is black people controlling our financial security, mental health, spiritual awakening, and education. Black people should fully divest themselves from any institution that is controlled by white people. Black Sovereignty means pulling children out of public schools, leaving monotheistic religions, and starting black businesses. All of Polight’s views on other issues returns the follower back to sovereignty.

The basis for full sovereignty will be a spirituality rooted in a positive conception of black people. The spirituality from inception must be controlled by black people and free of white interference. The spirituality must also have practical applications that allow a follower to fight and maneuver around white supremacy. Kemetic Science offers all these elements. Kemetic science was born in Africa, built in Africa, and serves Africans.

The idea of black sovereignty is the focus of spirituality of NuCovenant  Kemetic Science. The Kemetians did not believe in G-d. G-d meaning an all powerful being that can deliver a person from bad situations or reward a person for good behavior. The Kemetian Gods were archetypes or examples that people should emulate. Kemetian Gods represent standards of behavior. The individual is the most powerful entity in Brother Polight’s spirituality, and the individual is in charge or his or her destiny.

If a person needs a G-d, then the black woman is G-d. The black woman creates life and this is something that you see every day. The black woman is the creator and should be revered as such. Because the black woman is G-d the black man should serve her. A black man’s actions should always be in the best interest of his woman and the women of the community.

The White man and how to build proper relations

The cause of white aggression and racism is genetic. The history of white domination has gone back over 400 years. In this 400 years, there was no large-scale concerted effort to stop the oppression or reimburse black people for materials stolen from them. Even the abolition movement was meant to keep black people oppressed while giving the illusion of freedom. In short, the intentions of white people should never be trusted due to being genetically predisposed to hating black people.

Due to the fact that the white man’s hatred of black people is in his DNA, black people should not make babies with white people. The children of interracial couples will have DNA that will cause self-hate. The mixed race children will also not be able to focus on black empowerment due to their sympathy to their white parents.  White people will also be able to use mixed people to promote a white agenda and confuse black people into thinking the agenda originated with black people.

In spite of all the problems with race mixing, mixed people and black people with mixed race children can join the NuCovenant community. Mixed people and black people with mixed children will have to cut personal ties with white people and completely focus on black empowerment and identity.

Black people can do business with white people and learn from white people if the service cannot be provided within the black community. The relationship should always be mutually beneficial. Black people should always be careful in these relationships and verify they are not being used.

The focus of the NuCovenant community is to build a strong Black America. This means removing the influence of white supremacy from our minds, relationships, and institutions. Once the legacy of white relationships has been removed, black people can rebuild a truly Afro-centric society.

What Polight has right and wrong

Polight has more wrong here than right. First, he presents no scientific evidence that racism corresponds to a gene and this gene originated in Europe. He references epigenetics often which is a science, but not a specific finding or study to support the claim of racism having a genetic origin. Therefore, the claim that racism is genetic is unscientific.

There is far more evidence that racism is a social construct that was invented to solidify power around white men. Because it is a social construct an individual can invest in it or divest in it. So an individual white person that realizes racism is a social construct, that the social construct has created pathologies that affect his life presently, and are working to remove those pathologies can unite with black people.

The idea that racism is genetic in origin will always lead to mixed people being viewed with suspicion. If racism in a gene in white people and mixed people have white genes, there is a good chance they will be racist and should be viewed with suspicion. The idea that racism is genetic in origin will always lead to division in the black community.  In addition to the claim racism is genetic, the claim can be easily disproven by the amount of mixed race people that are in the forefront of the struggle.


Diet is a huge part of Brother Polight’s philosophy. He is a supporter of an Alkaline diet rich in live vegetables and herbs. Polight has an online herbal store and numerous books on herbal remedies. He supports eating bitter foods as they help to prevent cancer.

Foods to avoid are all processed foods, hybrid plants, and white foods. Hybrid plants have such as carrots have poisons that build up in your body due to them being unnatural. Included in hybrid plants are all seedless fruits. White foods such as milk and potatoes increase puss in the body. Milk is especially bad for health due to the fact it is irradiated during pasteurization.

Neural development is another area of Polight’s expertise. Speaking multiple languages increases neuro connections between the right and left hemisphere. Tonal languages ,primarily from Africa, have the added benefit of increase overall brain wave vibration. Another method to increase brain wave vibration is listening to music in the key of middle C. Most current music is in A. A healthy brain will vibrate from 72 – 90 MHz and vibration above 80 MHz is genius level.

Childbirth is very important in building a strong sovereign black community. Women should not give birth lying down as it damages the spine. Women should also avoid epidurals because it drugs the baby. If the baby is born from an epidural the baby’s eyes will be closed. This is evidence of the baby being negatively affected by epidural drugs. The placenta is essential for baby’s health. The placenta should be left attached to the baby. The placenta will naturally dry up and fall off after a few days. This allows all of the nutrients and stem cells to enter the baby and aid in neural development.

Black people must avoid exploitation by the healthcare market. Placentas should be kept by the parents after childbirth. DNA extracted from the placenta is used for medical research to develop cures that black people can not afford.  Polight’s cites the Henrietta Lax case for an example of the DNA of black people being used to create many cures that most black people cannot afford.

Brother Polight is also against vaccines. Vaccines are filled with various toxins and the fetuses of dead babies. Black people should use an alkaline diet and herbal supplements to prevent disease.

Polight’s  lists the dangers of promiscuity. According to Polight, semen consists of spinal fluid. As a man ejaculates, he diminishes his spinal fluid. If a man ejaculates too often he can deplete his spinal fluid and reduces his cognitive abilities. On the same token, if a woman absorbs spinal fluid from too many men she can bring on psychosis. The personalities of the different men can infect her brain and put her at war with herself. Men should be mindful to not ejaculate quicker than their body can replenish the spinal fluid. Women should limit sexual partners and make sure lovers are mentally and emotionally stable.

Mental health is also affected by sensory intake. Black people should not listen to negative music. Music that degrades black people should be avoided. The actual frequency of the music matters. Ideally, music should be in the key of middle C. Most modern music is in A. Drum music improves mood because the drum units the plant and animal kingdom due to the fact it is made with animal skin and tree bark.

What Polight has right and wrong

Polight is correct on the importance of a healthy and plant-based diet. Numerous nutritionists support the validity of the alkaline diet. Herbal supplements are proven to be extremely important to proper nutrition and disease prevention.

However, healthy eating and herbal supplements cannot be used to replace traditional medicine. The most dangerous advice given by Polight is not taking vaccines. Vaccines are a low-cost way to prevent diseases that are deadly and expensive to treat. If large percentages of the population do not get vaccines there could be outbreaks of serious diseases.  If large a percentage of the black population becomes ill, then community building will be halted.

Polight also conflates Kemetic mythology with Western science. One of the more outrageous claims by Polight is that the heart is an electromagnet. He claims that because the blood circulates and the blood has iron in it, a small current is induced around the heart. The electromagnetic force created by this current is visible to some people as an aura.  The claim of the heart being an electromagnet is not supported by any western scientist. The claim can also be easily checked with a gaussmeter or magnetometer. Polight makes numerous unfounded scientific claims due to the conflation of science with Kemetian mythology.

Another wild claim of Polight is that ejaculation depletes spinal fluid. There is no medical evidence for this claim. Semen is produced in the prostate. The prostate is not connected to the spine. The production of spinal fluid and semen are separate processes. Polight has demonstrated that he does not have a basic understanding of anatomy. In addition, there are many reasons to not be promiscuous that can be backed by science.

To put it simply Polight should not be used as a health guru. He does not understand anatomy and he mixes science with mythology/morality from Kemet. He has some good advice on diet, but there are numerous other sources for this information that can be backed by hard science. Polight also advises against Western medicine.


Financial Stability is necessary to allow a person to spend a proper amount of time to focus on spirituality. The capitalist debt economy caused people to be overworked and reduces the amount of time left for spiritual pursuits.  Entrepreneurship can allow a person to be financially secure and reduce time spent at work. Working for a corporation, by its very nature, will consume all your time for modest financial benefit.

Real Estate is a field that can offer true financial stability with moderate time investment. To be successful in real estate, it is important to avoid mortgages.  Mortgage are insured by an entity that collects money from prison labor. So the mortgage market and the private prison system are closely connected. Details on how to invest in real estate without mortgages are available in Polight’s book. The writer of this article could not find details on how to do this online.

Being able to receive and manage credit is a large component of financial stability. Credit Card companies do not discriminate directly on race. However, they do discriminate on the location of the home of the person applying for credit. So a system similar to the mortgage redlining of the 1980’s and 1990’s is alive in the credit card industry. Most black people live in low-income neighborhoods, therefore the discrimination based on location is indirect racial discrimination. To avoid discrimination, black people should have a P.O. Box in a neighborhood with an average income of more than $150,000 a year.

Brother Polight also supports community crowdfunding to pool large amounts of capital. He illustrates how if 10,000 people give $10 a month $1,000,000 can be collected in 10 months. Black people also spend more than any other community. Black people do not need reparations or any other help from the white man. We simply need to spend our money wisely.

The lack of financial stability in the black community that spans many generations can have a negative effect on our psychology. The pathologies surrounding generational poverty are labeled Post Traumatic Poverty Disorder (PTPD). There are three major ways PTPD plays out. The first is a person asserting themselves in areas of life that are not contingent on financial success. A person can become promiscuous, aggressive, or argumentative to prove to themselves that they have value. The second way is suspicion of black people that have money. In times of slavery, slaves could secure better lodging, more food, and reduce work schedule from providing sexual favors for slave masters and providing information on slave revolts. This mentality was deeply embedded in the minds of slaves and has not been eradicated. Black people need to be mindful of how their feelings about successful black people could be rooted in the suffering of slaves. The last way PTPD plays itself out is in the need for black people to show off wealth. Polight says that this can be healthy and something black people with money need to “get out of their system”. The flaunting of wealth should be done in a way that does not put the person in debt. Make sure you got it before you flaunt it.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight has correctly identified the problems, yet does not have any viable solutions. He details how credit card and other financial institutions can discriminate against black people without explicitly racist rules. However, the solution of getting a PO Box in a rich neighborhood can be easily thwarted by credit card companies requiring physical addresses. Polight recommends the I-Space solution of having a PO box in a rich neighborhood for an IT-Space problem. The I-Space solution can easily be countered by the credit card companies requiring a physical address for all applications. I-Space solutions will always be incomplete for IT-Space problems.

The NuCovenant websites presents numerous I Space solutions for IT Space problems. The NuCovenant website offers services to members and non-members to restore credit and create independent trust to hold real estate through declaring sovereignty. The services range from $550 – $1500. The idea behind all of these services is that declaring yourself independent of mainstream society a person will be allowed special legal privileges that will increase financial freedom. However, if Black people  implement these solutions en masse, the law can be changed to disallow people to participate in the economic after sovereignty is declared.

In addition to Brother Polight’s solutions to systemic financial disenfranchisement being short term, the solutions do not work. Many people accuse Brother Polight promising relief from foreclosures and bankruptcy and not coming through on the promises.  Youtuber A. Victor details how he gave Polight many thousand of dollars to prevent his foreclosure. Victor claims that Polight will not even return his calls. Polight uses Victor’s case as an example in his seminar. Victor’s property was sold a year after getting Polight’s services.

Polight is also known for not fulfilling his online orders. Many people have claimed they waited three and four months for his financial self-help books. The books are not copy written and are simply cut and paste from other people’s work. Polight has no formal training in finance or any real world experience in finance.

Polight is not an authority on financial matters. He should not be trusted and people should not pay for his services. The people that have paid for his services do not get the results that they intend.  Polight does not have solutions for black financial empowerment.


The acceptance of homosexuality started in Greek and Roman Culture. The cultivation of the lifestyle was promoted in European cultures. No African cultures accepted homosexuality. In Kemet, homosexuality was forbidden in many scrolls that can be referenced today. No indigenous African or Middle Eastern culture accepted homosexuality unless they were conquered by Greeks or Romans.

Homosexuality was forced on male slaves in the United States through sex farms. Male slaves were bought and sodomized by white slave masters. White slave masters also molested the male children of slaves and castrated slaves that were rebellious.

The current power structure supports homosexuality in black men for two reasons. The first is homosexual men do not have children, therefore reducing the overall number of black people and allowing for whites to be the majority population. The second is gay men are more effeminate and docile making them easier to control.

Black men are not homosexual by nature. However, there are factors that can reduce a man’s virility and induce homosexual tendencies. The first is trauma from slavery that was passed on for generations. The second are various medications that can reduce virility through inducing a hormone imbalance. The third is a need to avoid the responsibility of building a strong family. The fourth is to get concessions and aid from white men. Gay men have an easier time in corporate America because they are passive and easier to control. The passivity of gay men allows for inclusion in a company with no threat to the white power structure.

Currently, the white power structure is attempting to teach homosexuality in schools. Homosexuality has been added to the high school sex education in many states. This is especially dangerous in the black community because we have many single parent households.  Black children see relationship dysfunction played out in the home and in the homes of their neighbors. Introducing homosexuality at an early age could lead a child to give up on heterosexual relationships completely. An increase in homosexual relationships will reduce the black population and allow white people to retain power. Sex education should be done at home by parents.

Ultimately, homosexuality prevents the building of strong families. The black man’s purpose is to serve the black woman. Homosexuality is no better than drug dealing or prostitution. In addition to the practical problems it presents to the black community, it was forbidden in Kemetian law. Kemet is our example par excellence for building a strong nation.

Brother Polight does not support violence against homosexuals. Homosexuals can also be a part of the black empowerment movement. However, homosexuals cannot lead are be at the forefront of the movement. Homosexuality is a weakness and homosexuals will need to concentrate on healing themselves first.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight attempts to assert black people are not homosexual by nature. He never presents any scientific evidence that homosexuality is genetic in nature and that this gene originates in Europe. Even if it is genetic and originates in Europe many black people have white people in their ancestry. Therefore, it could be natural for some black people to be homosexual.

Also, the prohibition of homosexuality in Kemet and other African cultures  does not mean it does not naturally occur in black people. In fact, the prohibition of homosexuality proves there were homosexuals in these cultures prior to European intervention.

The idea that gay black men have an easier time than straight black men cannot be proven. The success of men like Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels are cited as an example of gay black men having an easier time making it in the corporate world. The root of this idea is gay men are inferior to straight men, therefore their success has to be due to them being gay. The idea of heterosexual superiority is no different than a white man attributing a black man’s success to Affirmative Action or men accusing women of sleeping to the top. This is just another thing to divide the black community.

There is some evidence that black gay men make more that black straight men. However, all the other factors were not isolated. Do black gay men have more education because they are not starting families? Do black gay men have more job mobility because they are not tied down with a wife and children? These are factors that need to be evaluated. The disparity between black gay men and black straight men could have more causes than black gay men being perceived as less threatening.

Ultimately, attempting to marginalize homosexuals causes more division in the black community. Many homosexuals have things to offer the black community and if they feel ostracized then they will avoid black people. If the black community needs to be strengthened, then all members of the community need to be enfranchised. Saying no homosexuals can lead the community will disenfranchise people and cause the community to suffer.

Women’s rights and role

A major tenet of Brother Polight’s philosophy is the black woman being G-d. The black woman creates life every day and this is verifiable. The black woman is the backbone of the community and ensures the continuation of our race. Due to the black woman’s importance, the black man should serve his woman, and all of his actions should be in support of his woman.

Men should not regulate how women should dress. If men want women covered up, it could show undercurrents of homosexuality in the man. If women are allowed to dress in clothing that is tight or revealing, this will aid in combating homosexuality in the black community.

Women should also be allowed to lead and become spiritual teachers. Spiritual philosophies that teach that women are the weaker vessel will damage the psychology of young girls. These young women will have less confidence and seek to latch on to a man.

Polygamy is also beneficial to black people. At this time there are more black women that are single . If they are all supposed to get married, then polygamy is necessary. However, men should prove they can sustain a monogamous relationship first and become financially stable before securing multiple wives.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight does present a somewhat positive display of the value of women. He also gives women the flexibility to dress as they want. The best part of this philosophy is that women can be leaders in the movement.

The value of women is still based on their ability to have children and create a family with a man. There is not much mention of the place of women that do not want children or can not have children. Polight’s philosophy is ultimately typical for blue meme thinkers. He thinks the family structure is more important than anything else. Therefore, traditional roles are more important than anything else and people have value due to their role. A truly integral view allows people to have inherent value.

Because people have to fit into roles and these roles have a hierarchy of importance, people then need to play their role instead of finding themselves and living their truth. Polight can then use the hierarchy of roles to berate homosexuals and people in interracial relationships. He assumes that the people in non-traditional relationships could have traditional relationships if they try hard enough and they should try harder because the betterment of the community depends on it. He does not allow people to actually find themselves and live their truth.


Black people cannot claim to be part of Rabbinical Judaism. The current state of Isreal has very few black people. The few blacks that are there, Beta Isreal descendent from Ethiopian Jews, are discriminated against. Isreali law prohibits education for Ethiopian Jews after fifteen years. Isreali blood banks dump Ethiopian blood to prevent contaminating European Jews. Ethiopian Jews were sterilized without consent through fake vaccinations.  The discrimination was so bad the Ethiopian Jews organized into an organization similar to Black Panthers. The group is called Mizrahim.

The Talmud explicitly states that a Jew does not have to treat a Gentile in a moral manner. Also, numerous verses in the old testament show that a Jewish person should not share their G-d with other nations. There is some evidence that people from Isreal settled in various places in Africa after 70 AD. However, their numbers were so small it would be difficult from their genetic markers to exist more than 2000 years later. So a Black American can not definitively prove he or she has a Jewish bloodline. Therefore a Jew has no moral basis to treat or unite with a Black American.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight is correct to point out systemic racism in the Jewish community. This information should cause black people within the religion to fight back and open the eyes of people thinking about converting to the religion. He applauds the efforts of the Mizrahim, as he should. Judaism needs to be more active in fighting racism.

Polight is wrong for his mischaracterization of the Talmud. The Talmud is a many-volumed work written in many places over many centuries. To take one quote and use the one quote to nullify relationships between Gentiles and Jews is unfair.  Polight is not a Talmudic scholar and could not possibly know much about the work. Sweeping statements reduce the validity of the argument.

Ultimately, a person needs to find their spiritual path. If that path is Judaism, a person should pursue it. At the same time, a black follower’s eyes should be open to what is ahead of him. A black follower must be secure in the fact his membership is valid. This is especially true for Judaism, where many people will question your relationship to the chosen people.

Hebrew Israelites

The Hebrew Israelite religion is a religion for black people based on Ancient Biblical Judaism. According to the Hebrew Israelite religion, the original Israelites were black. Therefore the people currently identifying as Jews could not be related to the ancient Israelites and do not have a valid claim on the religion. White people cannot join the Hebrew Israelite religion. Members refer to themselves as Hebrews.

Brother Polight’s main argument with the Hebrew’s is their depiction of women as weaker than men. By teaching women are the weaker vessel it will reinforce a negative self-concept in young women. This negative self-concept will lead to codependent relationships.

The idea of women as a weaker vessel is also not substantiated by the Bible. In the Genisis account of the garden of Eden, Eve is offered the apple first. This shows that Eve was more important to corrupt than Adam. If an entity wanted to control and harm a people the women will be attacked first. The Garden Eden story serves as a great metaphor for the current state of Black America.

The idea that women are the weaker vessel also does not explain why more violent crime is committed by men. Polight describes the fratricidal war that is ongoing in the inner city as complete perpetuated by men. Men believing that they are inherently stronger or less susceptible to strong emotions is not supported by fact.

Polight also points out the Bible is outdated. The most important issue in the black community is a lack of Capital. There is nothing in the Bible about building an economy. The Bible also causes divisions in the black community as evident in all the Hebrew Israelite factions. Hebrews spent time arguing the fine points of the bible instead of building a community. Many proponents of the Bible point to all the prophecies in the Bible that have come true. Polight rebuts this argument with the fact that people are capable of psychic ability. The presence of true prophecy does not prove the existence of G-d or validate a religion. Any book separates people from the direct experience of G-d. People should interact with the divine directly.

Hebrew Israelites also exclude black people that want to help in empowerment because they do not want to join the Hebrew Israelites. Polight preaches “race first”. The inclusion of all black people that want to be active in the community is paramount.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

The arguments that Polight makes against the Israelites are relatively common. The Bible is an old book and many aspects of the Bible are antiquated. There is no large-scale economic plan in the Bible. Also, many Biblical views on women will not be compatible with today’s society.

Even considering all these issues, the Bible still has  validity. People need to supplement their knowledge of the Bible with information from modern sources. Polight expresses an adequate understanding of the Bible and his advice on the religion should be taken seriously.


Islam began in Arabia and was meant for Arabs. Black people or Africans were never intended to be included. The propagation of Islam spread the idea that Arabic civilization is superior to all other cultures. Indigenous African religions began to be suppressed.  The Africans that adopted Islam devalued their native civilization and countrymen and aided Arabs in the slave trade.

In addition to the subjugation of Africans in Islamic culture, no one can be sure if Muhammad actually lived and if he did live what he actually said. Arabic was not a codified written language at the time it was purportedly transmitted. Muhammad spoke a form of Proto-Arabic called Al-Fusha. His original seventy-two followers wrote the transmission in Syriac, the only codified written language in the area. By all accounts from Orthodox Muslims, Muhammad could not read. Therefore, he could not verify if the written account was accurate. Arabic was codified into a written language sixty years later. Later Califs forced the Koran to only be written in Arabic.

The word Muhammad is also a moniker, not a name. Polight cites instances of the word Muhammad being used to describe great kings before The Prophet was alive. He also points to a Byzantine coin that depicts Jesus with the moniker Muhammad. The written account of Muhammad’s life, The Hadith, was written 200 years after his death. It is possible that The Profit Muhammad was an amalgamation of various great leaders and spiritual teachers from 500 AD to 650 AD.

The Arab slave trade lasted longer and was more brutal than the European slave trade. The Arab slave trade lasted 800 years longer and transported six million more people. The most brutal aspect was the double castration of all male slaves. The double castration resulted in very few living descendants of slaves in Arabia.

Historical records prove Arabs felt their African slaves were less than human. IBN Khaldon a Muslim slave trader said Africans have no family structure and are naturally submissive. Muhammad was a slave owner, and there are no records of widespread opposition to slavery from any of his followers. Mulay Ismail Ibn Shariff fathered eight hundred children by slave women and castrated the male children. Also, Africans that converted to Islam, such as Tippu Tip, sold his countrymen into slavery.

Islam was adopted by Black Americans to fight against White Supremacy, not because the religion was properly analyzed and questioned. Black people needed something to fight against the white power structure. The largest and most successful American Islamic organization is the Nation of Islam (NOI).  The NOI has independent news outlets, financial assistance for members to start businesses, and agreements with foreign governments to provide educational support. The economic success of the NOI is not due to Islam, due to the fact there are no economic plans in the Koran. The success of the NOI is not due to Islam; the ingenuity and perseverance of the membership are the reason for success.

As stated earlier, Brother Polight does not believe that Islam is a religion that was cruel to black people. The success of Islam in Black American as due to hard working members, not divine intervention. It is time for blacks to cast off foreign gods and return to themselves and their ancestral heritage.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight’s arguments against Islam are similar to his arguments against Judaism. However, the racist past of these religions should not prevent people from following the path. Each follower must fully understand how the religion has treated his people and how he will relate to the path. Everyone reinvents their religion to fit their life.

The NOI is a perfect example of how to take a religion and reinvent it to be useful in a personal struggle for freedom. The members were able to create a semi-insulated economy because they were grounded and united in Islam. Despite there not being an economic plan in the Koran, members were able to invent an economic plan rooted in Islamic values.

It is also important to remember that Kemet is one of the oldest slave societies. Many of the arguments used by pharaohs to keep Hebrew, Cushite, and Nubian slaves is similar to arguments Arabs and Whites used. Polight has reinvented the Kemetic religion to fit his present day needs. He should allow others to do the same.


L. Ron Hubbard invented Scientology to control Africans in South Africa. Derogatory statements of Africans fill Hubbard’s original works. The statements center around Africans being unable to learn, needing constant supervision, and imbuing inanimate objects with personalities (hyper-superstition). These views were common in the 1950’s  among white people.

Scientology has made no effort to denounce these statements and make sure members do not hold these views. However, they are making efforts to proselytize black people in New York City. When proselytizing, they do not make it know that L. Ron Hubbard was racist. They evaluate the mental health of black people, various diagnosis pathologies, and prescribe therapy based on Dianetics. The psychological evaluation does not take into account the effects of living inside a culture that is often hostile toward black people.

Dianetics has also been proven ineffective in various court cases in numerous countries. Hubbards Ph.D. in psychology was a University founded by Hubbard. He awarded himself and close companions PhD’s as soon as the Univeristy was established.  Independent research of Dianetics shows no significant improvement in the mental health of patients. Reviews from psychologist show Dianetics over-simplifies the human personality and make wild generalizations that can not be backed by facts.

Scientology is not a valid religion for a black person because the founder was a racist. No effort has been made to remove racism from the religion and make amends for past damage done. Scientology is not open with the racism in the religion with new members. Therefore, black people should not only leave the religion. The religion should not be allowed to proselytize in the black community.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Again Polight does a good job pointing out flaws in the religion of another person. As stated earlier everyone has to reinvent the religion to suit their needs. Scientologist should be working toward a more racially inclusive philosophy.


Brother Polight put on the First UFO Conference for Melanated People.  When Brother Polight speaks of Extraterrestrials he is not talking about little green men. Polight considers an extraterrestrial any being or consciousness outside of earth. Therefore, if a person believes in G-d, then that person would believe in an extraterrestrial. G-d exists outside earth therefore, G-d is an ET. Polight explains if a Christian believes Jesus is coming back, then he is not currently on earth and is extraterrestrial. UFO’s and extraterrestrial consciousness give a physical mechanism and explanation of how many spiritual prophecies.

When Brother Polight speaks of being abducted he means that he was infected with a consciousness greater than the surroundings around him at that time. An ET consciousness allowed him to turn away from gang life and study holistic medicine. In the same way, the ancient Egyptians had to have access to a consciousness outside of earth to build the pyramids. The technology available at the time would not allow for a building to be built with such precision. Polight cites other civilizations with extraordinary knowledge of astrology as having access to extraterrestrials.

The government and religious organizations keep knowledge of extraterrestrials away from the public. If celestial beings exist in the physical realm then they are accessible to anyone. This will remove the need for priest and pastors. If people en masse learn to communicate with ET’s then people can get aid in fighting and overthrow their government. This is why the government jails people that expose ET’s.

To be completely clear, Polight does believe there are actual physical beings on other planets that visited earth, but the definition of extraterrestrial is not limited to physical beings. Polight claims the sports and entertainment industry is used to hide extraterrestrial hybrids in plain sight. An example is the NBA. In the NBA, a person can see numerous people above seven feet in height. People of this height are rarely seen in normal life. The circus may have people with hair all over their body, again something rarely ever seen. However, putting these people in the circus and telling the masses that they are just odd humans reduces the likelihood that people will question the origins of these people.

Polight believes that ET’s have influenced and contacted human beings. An example is the Dogon tribe of Western Africa. This tribe has had knowledge or a star called Sirius B which was not known to western scientist until the early 1900’s. The pyramids are another example of possible ET’ intervention, due to the fact no one can build anything that precise and that large with modern technology.

Polight also contends the major world governments know about ET’s and purposely hide information on ET’s from the public. Polight references the NASA program named Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI). The United Nations creates land grants for areas of Mars and the Moon. The world governments also control the media and ensure that portrayals of extraterrestrial life and contact border on the absurd.

Polight’s views on extraterrestrials put him at odds with most Kemetic Scientists. The idea that the Kemetians were not solely responsible for their civilization reduces the grandeur of the civilization is very offensive to most Kemetic Scientist. The argument that aliens built the pyramids has also been used by white supremacist to prove a civilization of black people could not do great things. The Nuwuabian and NuCovenant schools are on the fringes of Kemetic Science in that regard.

What Polight has right and what he has wrong

Polight berates Muslims, Christians, and Isrealites for believing in things they cannot prove. Then he presents a UFO philosophy that is completely conjecture. There is no verifiable evidence that UFO’s have interacted with ancient man or modern man. His persistence and belief in UFO’s should invalidate Polight in the eyes of most people.

If UFO theory needs to be debunked, the following ideas will be presented. If aliens came the ancient world, why did they stop coming. If they have technology to travel through the Cosmos and they discovered earth, they would come and go as they please. The government could not find evidence of their presence because they would be landing on earth all the time. Contact with alien life would be impossible to hide.

In Conclusion

Brother Polight is a blue meme thinker. He has made an idealized version of ancient Kemet Utopia. His solutions are heavy in the WE- Space. He does not have a basic understanding of science and the reader should thoroughly check his sources. The reader should not buy or take his financial advice. Polight has detailed my problems, but his solutions are sketchy at best.

Brother Polight is somewhat proficient in his analysis of religion. He will, at times, make sweeping statements, but his overall methodology is correct. However, Polight should take a more critical look at his own religious beliefs and understand how much faith is required in his beliefs.

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